spring in london {photo dump #1}

IMG 2309
there is nothing like springtime in london. nothing!
here’s some snaps from march into april…

as the weather started to warm up, we started to head to a playground with friends after joy school each time. mo got better at better at scootering and the boys became better and better friends!
IMG 1454 IMG 1463
moses created his first self portrait! i was surprised when i heard him say, “look mom, it’s moses!” and show me this:
IMG 1482 IMG 1484
pretty sights from around our west london:
IMG 1488  1 IMG 1493
gabriel kept growing and growing! he climbed up to the 9th percentile in weight which felt so triumphant! click here to see some photos of moses at the exact same age and in the exact same outfit.
IMG 0870 IMG 0871
IMG 3790 IMG 3795  1
IMG 3814 IMG 3822
by late march, marathon training started really ramping up. here’s a snap from a saturday run through notting hill:
IMG 1541
i forgot to post about ian and moses’s trip to athens at the beginning of march. they had a blast! here’s some photos they sent to gabriel and i. (ian likes to take mo on daddy date trips to places i’ve either already been or don’t care too much about visiting. it’s really sweet.)
IMG 6894  1 IMG 6920IMG 6948
IMG 6964  1 IMG 0894
back in london, i got to take moses on a mommy date to the aquarium!
IMG 1501 IMG 1507
IMG 1510 IMG 1503
IMG 1513 IMG 1516
IMG 1517 IMG 1524
some more pretty corners of our pretty city:
IMG 1533 IMG 1535

IMG 1550 IMG 1553
IMG 1557 IMG 1560
mo taking a break from scootering to enjoy the bluebells in hyde park, and sneaking into the big bed one morning!
IMG 1561 IMG 1565
a lovely mews street that we pass on our way to the doctor’s office:
IMG 1570 IMG 1572  1
one thursday i decided to be brave and take both boys on an all-day outing. we went to kew gardens and met some friends there. it was a really great day – we enjoyed play areas and greenhouses, and both boys slept in the buggy for over two hours! (please note the bald spots on the back of moses’s head … ian tried his hand at cutting the boys’ hair and let’s just say it didn’t go too well, haha!)
IMG 1584 IMG 1590  1
IMG 1597 IMG 1598IMG 1606
IMG 1616 IMG 1625
ian and i had some good dates. one saturday we rode around on an open-top double decker tour bus, and one weekday evening we went to see the musical “come from away,” which we both loved.
IMG 1647 IMG 1920
we continued to heartily enjoy spying on our kids in their bedroom via the video monitor…
IMG 1648
the tickets we got for our tour bus date came with a free thames river cruise, so one sunny sunday morning i got to take moses on a boat ride before church.
IMG 1653 IMG 1657IMG 1660
IMG 1661 IMG 1674
my favourite house in the springtime in notting hill:
IMG 1498
and more colours and blossoms:
IMG 1547
IMG 1723 IMG 1725
we spent a lot of time in our across-the-street garden. we often have the whole place to ourselves! watching the garden evolve through the springtime months is such a delight.
IMG 1744 IMG 1732
IMG 1629 IMG 1640
gabriel spent a lot of time this spring pulling up to standing on furniture (and being very excited about doing that), and moses got really into making little “cottages” for his toy animals out of magnatiles.
IMG 1751 IMG 1752IMG 1755
IMG 1735 IMG 1774
mo often fell asleep for his nap surrounded in books, and continued to love visiting the animals in the natural history museum.
IMG 1771 IMG 1917
i am grateful for this beautiful city and for my family.
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