our little home

IMG 1699 3

i kept putting off taking photos of our little flat until i felt like things were all totally decorated and put together just right. then, one afternoon after some cleaning i decided that i actually may never feel that way, and i got out my camera. it felt good to capture our home – the beloved place where we live together as a family.

our place is small, but roughly twice the size of the tiny flat we lived in when we first moved to london – so it feels pretty vast! ๐Ÿ˜‰ there are some quirky things about it, but we feel really lucky to have found and to live in this spot. we love our neighbors, adore our garden square, and have made so many fond memories in our little two-bedroom flat (the chief of which is definitely gabriel’s birth!). there are costs (financial and otherwise) to living in a big city, but we really love being city dwellers, and the part of the city that we live in.

it’s hard to take photos of our space without a wide angle lens, haha. but here’s some snapshots from around our little home!

the boys’ cupboard-under-the-stairs bedroom:
IMG 3830 2
IMG 3832 2 IMG 3836 2
they love sharing a room!
IMG 3862
the living room, which we always call “the big room”:
IMG 3875 2IMG 3886 2
literally ten minutes after i took these photos gabriel knocked over and broke that tripod lamp in the corner. and the scattered toys behind the couch give a little glimpse into what this room usually looks like ๐Ÿ˜‰
IMG 3877 2 IMG 3881 2
i’ve been looking for a pretty vase or something like that to go on the mantle by the globe, and have been meaning to switch out the pictures on the shelves and organize the display case more beautifully. i go back and forth between thinking our rug is cool and that it’s ugly, and the way the cushions on our couch get all crumpled drives me crazy! but i spend a big chunk of my time in this room, and i love it. i love that the space in our flat is mostly in this one big room, and i love that moses is often literally running laps around it. i love the big window that looks out across the street to the garden, and i love sitting in the window with moses and gabriel waiting for daddy to come home at the end of the day.
IMG 3884 2 IMG 3893 2
we pay for lots of space in the living room with a teeny tiny kitchen!
IMG 3899 2IMG 1709 IMG 3901 2
ian and my bedroom is my favourite part of our flat. i just love the tall ceilings and tall window (that looks into our downstairs neighbor’s incredibly beautifully maintained garden).
IMG 3907 2 IMG 3919 2IMG 1690 3 IMG 1692 3
we have a bathroom through our room … here is it cluttered with toiletries and bath toys ๐Ÿ˜‰ :
IMG 1695 3 IMG 1696 3
the entryway:
IMG 1698 3 IMG 1715 3
and now behold, the tiniest little powder room you ever did see!:
IMG 3913 2

i am so grateful for this home! and this season of life living here with my boys.


    • ian’s bike got stolen, so sad! now he uses the city rental bikes, but we used to keep his bike locked up outside (crazy story about how they stole it even with a u lock on!). we keep our buggies in the entryway, which is SO nice.


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