more spring in london {photo dump #2!}

IMG 2335IMG 1780 IMG 1782

continuing on with pictures from spring 2019 in london…

while moses was at joy school one morning at our friends’ flat in maida vale, i popped into clifton nurseries with gabriel. it’s a glorious little oasis tucked into the city streets!
IMG 1785 IMG 1788
IMG 1795 IMG 1805
another day after joy school we took a trip to the zoo! we have annual passes and have put them to good use this year, between london zoo and whipsnade zoo (about an hour north of london).
IMG 1812 IMG 1815
we schedule in a temple day every other month. the london temple is actually quite far and hard to access from london! we like to coordinate with other family (or two or three) to meet at the temple and then switch off babysitting while each couple goes inside.
IMG 1817 IMG 1818
here’s mo running around the temple grounds with his friend harris:
IMG 7118
after our march temple trip, i did a 14 mile training run through the countryside. it felt so good to run outside of the city, and this was the furthest i’d ever run to that point. i ran from the temple to godstone farm, the cutest little petting zoo place that ian had taken the boys to. (moses was lucky and got a chocolate ice cream cone with dad!)
IMG 1824 IMG 7122
mothers’ day in england, referred to (i love this) as “mothering sunday,” is at the end of march. it’s pretty great to be an american mom living in the uk because i can claim both mothers’ days 😉 on mothering sunday, ian and the boys made me breakfast in bed! we had a great day together as a family and i felt sooooo grateful to be mom to these two beautiful boys.
IMG 1825 IMG 1830 1 2
IMG 1832 IMG 1848IMG 1840
IMG 1864 IMG 1856
we discovered gabriel’s favourite food at the beginning of april. chili!!
IMG 1874 IMG 1879
i had to snap a polaroid of gabe in that epic mess he made, to put it side by side with a similar photo of moses at a similar age!
IMG 1881 IMG 1887
springtime in london: after the magnolias come the cherry blossoms! check out moses and gabriel holding hands completely unprompted in the buggy ❤
IMG 1895 IMG 1905
we thought moses was dropping his nap (my worst nightmare, ha!) but then rebranded it as “resting time” when he can hang out in his bed quietly with a few books/toys. 95% of the time he falls asleep … so we’ve been able to preserve the boys sleeping at the same time in the afternoons, yes!!
IMG 1919
trying out a new swing situation at the playground:
IMG 1928 IMG 1929
and enjoying the flower displays, man-made and god-made, in kensington & chelsea:
IMG 1945 IMG 1954
IMG 1959 IMG 1912
during general conference weekend, we spent a few hours in st. james’s park, which used to be our neighborhood park when we lived in covent garden.
IMG 2004 IMG 2005
IMG 2009 IMG 2012
IMG 2032 IMG 2034IMG 7155
gabriel got to go on a daddy date with ian to ride the london eye! he loved it!
IMG 7089
IMG 7093 IMG 7079IMG 7085
more blossom snapshots, and more long runs!
IMG 1909 2 IMG 2260 2
IMG 2359 IMG 2364
IMG 2044 IMG 2052
IMG 2290 IMG 2063
one night for family home evening we dyed easter eggs:
IMG 7170 IMG 7175
and one weekday morning we gathered with a bunch of mom and kid friends for an easter egg hunt! my friend alexa dressed up as the easter bunny, and moses was completely starstruck and utterly thrilled to give her a hug and a high five! gabriel was a little more dubious 😉 (alexa’s little girls had no idea it was her under that costume!)
IMG 2068 IMG 2077
IMG 2087 IMG 2085
IMG 2109 2 Egg hunt 2
moses worked hard over several weeks to earn ten pounds to buy some “savannah animals” he had spotted in a store near our flat. he helped with lots of jobs around the house, took out one pound “for jesus” and gave it as tithing at church, and then we scooted to the store to make the long-awaited purchase. it was pretty exciting.
IMG 2155 IMG 2158
one sunday both boys immediately conked out in the buggy as soon as we started walking home from church. in an effort to keep them asleep i took a walk around our spectacularly blossoming neighborhood and sent marco polos to loved ones across the pond.
IMG 2285 IMG 2306
IMG 2294 IMG 2299
IMG 2301 IMG 2311
two of mo’s most common states – having found and devouring the books at any friend’s house / in mismatched clothes and a blur running around the garden getting dirty!:
IMG 2328 IMG 7233
in march and april gabriel started really enjoying going to the playground! we discovered a new-to-us one at battersea park that both boys loved.
IMG 2347 IMG 2350
these photos show off ian’s haircut job quite well…ha! he cut both of the boys’ hair and let’s just say that after he was done we decided to go back to a barber in the future 🙂
IMG 2348 IMG 2349
pics from a weekday walk / a sunday walk:
IMG 2326 IMG 2323
pretty scenes in notting hill and mayfair:
Notting hill 2 IMG 2355 2
i love life in this city with my boys!


  1. Hi, loving the new blog, esp the name. Had to comment on the spring time posts because I really do love spring, it is my favourite season and you capture the blooms so well. Jenny x


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