windmills and tulips

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going to holland in the spring to see the tulips has long been on my bucket list. we made it happen this year, and i was not disappointed! we saw millions and millions of flowers and were totally blown away by the beauty.

when we arrived in the netherlands, we picked up a rental car and drove straight to kinderdijk, a collection of old windmills along a canal. ian was really psyched about visiting this place because both his grandfather and his dad served their missions in holland and have pictures here. we ended up being stuck in terrible traffic and taking several wrong turns, so the journey there was a bit miserable. but it was totally worth it in the end – the evening was so lovely and the windmills so cool to see and everyone was really happy out in the fresh air.
IMG 2366 IMG 2371IMG 3936IMG 3937IMG 3948
IMG 3962 IMG 3966IMG 3974IMG 3984IMG 3990
IMG 2374 IMG 2379
these baby ducks in the canal were so sweet!!
IMG 2381 IMG 2376IMG 3995
the next morning we woke up early and got to keukenhof gardens right as it opened. this place is an absolute wonderland. seriously unbelievable. we were so glad we went early because it started to get packed by lunchtime. the flowers were just sensational, and there is a playground and petting zoo to boot! i narrowed my photos down quite a lot but still have soooo many because holy cow this beauty just begged to be captured!
IMG 4010
IMG 4005 IMG 4006IMG 4013IMG 4026
from the top of the windmill at keukenhof, you can see some flower fields. this was a good taster for our afternoon, when we took a bike ride around the area.
IMG 4035
IMG 4048 IMG 4054
IMG 4058 IMG 4031
IMG 4120 IMG 4052IMG 4060IMG 4074
sometimes getting a picture with the kids is a bit of a struggle…haha.
IMG 4076 IMG 4078
IMG 4079 IMG 4082IMG 4091
IMG 4101 IMG 4126IMG 4128IMG 4022IMG 4124IMG 4131IMG 4133
IMG 4098 IMG 4145IMG 4140
IMG 4149 IMG 4017
IMG 4148IMG 4138IMG 4152IMG 4162IMG 4136
the hyacinths smelled soooooo good. it really felt like heaven on these paths that seemed neverending through the flowers.
IMG 4164 IMG 4168IMG 4116
IMG 4272 IMG 4158
nap time for gabriel! i strolled him around while ian and moses played at the playground.
IMG 4175 IMG 4165IMG 4180IMG 4188IMG 4190IMG 4198
IMG 4199 IMG 4200IMG 4214
IMG 4215 IMG 4224IMG 4227IMG 4267

there is so much beauty in this world! particularly in the netherlands in the springtime 😉

IMG 4261


  1. Soooo pretty! And I think hyacinths (or maybe lilacs) are my favorite scent of flowers, so I can only imagine what that was like. Beautiful photos!


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