celebrating fifty years in paradise

IMG 3157

at the end of april, ian and i went on a trip with all my siblings to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of these two lovebirds:

IMG 0325

my mom and dad invited us to come to paradise to celebrate the half century that they’ve spent sharing life and working together. we all gathered (most of us with our spouses, we were sad that two of my sisters-in-law couldn’t come) at this dreamy house on the samana peninsula in the dominican republic:

IMG 0143IMG 0349

and we all had a blast being together and celebrating the big 5-0.

IMG 20190425 113020

looking back on this trip, i can’t believe it actually happened! it was sooo wonderful to be with all these beloved people in such a gorgeous spot on earth. and uniquely wonderful to be without our boys (and nieces and nephews!) – we missed them like crazy but thoroughly enjoyed some kid-free time. we had a good mix of just relaxing by the pool and at the beach and adventuring around the island. we had great conversations and lots of laughs and got sunburned and had a lot of fun. every day i woke up feeling overwhelming gratitude for ian’s mom, who was at home in london with moses and gabriel. they had such a great time with grandma.

even though ian and i were preeeeetty jet lagged when we arrived at the house, we were just as excited as everyone else scoping out the place. there was a stellar sunset the first night, just to welcome us to our little slice of paradise 🙂 IMG 1765IMG 2013IMG 6888
IMG 1790 IMG 1266
IMG 2824IMG 0354 2IMG 0163 IMG 6719
each morning a little group of us did yoga overlooking the sea (can you spot us on the right side of the picture below?).
IMG 0474IMG 0635 IMG 0380
it was so great to spend time just chatting with great views and by the pool.
IMG 3184IMG 0148IMG 0480
one morning we went on a nearby little hike to a spectacular waterfall.
IMG 0235
jared and noah got my mom and her bum knee down the steep stairs just fine!
IMG 0701 IMG 20190425 111901MVIMG 20190425 112951
IMG 1652 IMG 0138
we swam in that perfectly teal pool, back under and behind the waterfall, and did some cliff jumping too! we were so glad we got there early because about thirty minutes after we arrived the place was packed!
IMG 0337 IMG 0205
we stopped for some yummy lunch at a roadside restaurant…
IMG 3759
and then headed to zipline through the jungle!
IMG 0531IMG 0214IMG 20190425 155654 EFFECTS
we did twelve different ziplines that criss-crossed over this lush valley:
IMG 20190425 161538IMG 0263
watching my mom having a total blast on the ziplines was the best. she’s acting scared in this picture but in reality she was like, “game on!”
IMG 0548
IMG 0553
IMG 0353 IMG 0165IMG 20190425 170950
then we drove back to the house, passing little villages along the way.
IMG 20190425 183119IMG 20190425 183215
we had two cooks at the house that prepared every meal for us. the food was so good. my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now.
IMG 20190426 203236
enjoying food and conversation together at every meal was awesome. as was not having to shop for, prepare or clean up food! oh, and not help little children to eat 😉
IMG 0678
one night:
IMG 3186
and one morning:
IMG 0255
different smaller groups of people took walks along the beach at different times.
IMG 0302 IMG 0231IMG 0363 2
and i tried to climb a palm tree:
IMG 0372 2 IMG 0166
IMG 0399

more pictures in the next post … this has gotten too long!

IMG 0498


  1. Your mom should get a knee replacement. I had one 2 years ago and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s not that bad at all – I was 62, so close to your mom’s age, I’m guessing. I did do lots of physical therapy and had retired, so I could do all the things I needed to get well. My only regret was waiting too long – wish I’d done it sooner!
    My neighbor had hers done this past winter at TOSH in Park City and has done great. I had mine in Provo, at Utah Valley hospital, by Dr Bergesen.


      • My mom is also 72 and my parents celebrated their 50th in 2018. Anyway, my mom had a knee replacement and its been such a great change for her pain and activity level. Being serious about PT and keeping the knee moving after surgery was the key. Good luck to your mom. That trip looks amazing btw!


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