dominican republic, continued

IMG 0323IMG 3185
one night we had a special anniversary celebration dinner, set up down on the beach.
IMG 0321IMG 8615 2IMG 20190425 191710
ian and i checked in on the video monitor several times a day, missing our boys so much:
IMG 2898
and on our last day we went out on the sea on a big catamaran.
IMG 20190427 101739IMG 1291
we cruised along the coastline past little islands to a super beautiful cove, where we got out and had a little barbeque and swam in the sea.
IMG 0382
here’s our friend jose. he was one of the cooks and also our go-to guy for anything we needed or wanted around the house. he set up the boat ride for us and came along to barbeque us lunch!
IMG 5373IMG 6065MVIMG 20190427 102717IMG 0866
one more stop on the way back, at another aquamarine bay – we all jumped off the boat into that stunning water for a little swim!
MVIMG 20190427 162347IMG 5790IMG 0483
we took a good photo of everyone on our last night:
IMG 3158
and a few photos of mom and dad with their original nine kids … but this selfie outtake shows you that most of our family awesomeness comes from the in-laws 😉
IMG 3159IMG 20190427 190032
one last sunset swim/paddle board:
IMG 4206IMG 20190425 201608
and one last evening gathering … we had all gathered fifty shells from the beach to have mom and dad bring home to remember this incredible trip celebrating fifty years. we gave each shell with one word that we’d use to describe mom and dad’s marriage. to me, their union is really remarkable and i’m really grateful for their partnership.
IMG 8384
we all departed from the house on sunday, and before people started taking off we had a little family church meeting overlooking the ocean. i’m so glad faith is a big part of my family and i’m thankful for the faith perspectives of my family members.
IMG 0633

yeah, i can’t believe this epic trip actually happened – it seems like a dream. it was pretty awesome. hooray for fifty years of rick & linda!

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