snapshots from may in london

IMG 3086

may 2019 was busy and full! ian’s parents were in town (see last post), and we took a trip to disneyland paris (a post about that coming next!). in between those exciting events, we enjoyed blooming beautiful spring in london!

may in london means wisteria!!! i get so giddy about this every year. here are some photos i snapped on my phone around town in early may. we actually missed the peak bloom while we were away on travels but still caught a lot of purple awesomeness.
IMG 3058 IMG 3065
IMG 3109 IMG 3069IMG 3092
IMG 3072 IMG 3112IMG 3114
IMG 3116 IMG 3125
IMG 3130 IMG 3138 CB7001F3 3401 45E4 8B55 95A49003E5D7
IMG 3139 IMG 3133
some other booms around kensington, to rest your eyes from the wisteria for a second:
IMG 3143 IMG 3148
…and we’re back 😉
IMG 3151 IMG 3241IMG 3218
IMG 3220 IMG 3227IMG 3152
moses dictated this text to ian word for word, and i thought it was so cute! // i took lots of long runs, while trying to simultaneously nurse my hurting knee as my marathon approached.
IMG 3187 IMG 3766
one morning both boys got haircuts! always an exciting adventure, and i’m always so relieved when it’s not a total nightmare.
IMG 3324 IMG 3327
IMG 3330 IMG 3328
IMG 3332 IMG 3333
a little more wisteria, at twilight, as ian and i walked to a date night dinner out. i’m wearing my huge winter coat because it was so cold that evening … the weather kept going from almost summer back to basically winter!
IMG 3255 IMG 3258
IMG 3243 IMG 3320
music class and runs to the grocery store:
IMG 3336 IMG 3754
and a newly renovated playground to explore! (aren’t these playhouses darling?!):
IMG 3739
afternoons in our garden:
IMG 2961 IMG 3191
a walk through lush, heavy-with-green hyde park … and moving on from wisteria to roses!:
IMG 3789 IMG 3764
IMG 3761 IMG 3798
a screenshot for dad when he didn’t answer our facetime call, and more long runs – this 17 miler was my longest before the marathon … and totally shot my just-feeling-good-again knee 😦 :
IMG 3731 IMG 3885
one day we did the paddle boats on the serpentine in hyde park. we’d been wanting to do this forever and when we headed out on a sunny afternoon, it started pouring! luckily the rain cleared up (but only after we waited quite a long time!) and we were able to get out on the water. it was really fun!
IMG 3773 IMG 3778
the boys’ faces in these photos kill me…!
IMG 3783IMG 3786
one event in london that i really love every year is chelsea in bloom. storefronts along the kings road and around sloane square go all out with floral decorations based around a theme, and it’s amazing to see what pops up! all the flowers/plants are real. this year’s theme was under the sea and i was feeling sad about missing seeing it because life was just really busy that week. but one day i found myself with two little boys fast asleep in the buggy and the best bet to get them a long nap was to keep walking … so i did, to sloane square!
IMG 3820 IMG 3849
IMG 3832 IMG 3851
IMG 3812
IMG 3805 IMG 3809
IMG 3830 IMG 3828IMG 3818
IMG 3842 IMG 3857
IMG 3867 IMG 3841
pretty incredible, right?! the boys woke up on the walk home and moses hopped out of the buggy to take a picture with this display, right behind harrod’s (this one is fake flowers, but it’s still pretty gorgeous, huh?):
IMG 3877
toward the end of the month, moses had surgery. this was his fourth surgery, and very likely his last – hooooray! (he was born with an abnormality that needed to be fixed and ended up needing to be fixed in several stages.) it was a really rough week starting with his surgery on a monday, but the procedure went well and mo was quite a champ through it all. ian worked from home the week following the operation, and asked if he could teach joy school while he was around. that was so great!
IMG 3908 IMG 3888
more than with moses’s previous surgeries, the nights were really rough in the recovery period. we spent a lot of wee hours cuddled up in moses’s toddler bed with him.
IMG 3902
in may we also took one quick trip to kew gardens, and enjoyed seeing some of the chihuly glass art installations:
IMG 3912
a little more wisteria…
FullSizeRender IMG 3239
and a little more darling playground… this is what happens when i try to take a picture of the boys together these days – it turns into a wrestling match pretty quickly, haha:
IMG 3744 IMG 3745
IMG 3915 IMG 3317
and the biggest event that happened in may was that ian resigned from his job! after nearly four years he was sad to leave his colleagues and his work, but he is really excited about his new position at a different firm. his last day was at the very end of may, and he doesn’t start his new job until the fifteenth of august … so this is gonna be a great summer for the wrights.
here’s a picture of ian headed off to his first day of work in july 2015, and a picture of ian headed off to his last day of work this may! so much has happened in those four years!!
IMG 3919 IMG 3918

may 2019 was busy and full, indeed! and wonderful. we share a beautiful life.


  1. I cannot get enough of all of your photos of such gorgeous flowers. Spring/summer time in the UK is just amazing. And how exciting to have Ian all through summer. Some many adventures to be had. I dream of hubby and I taking the summer off to go camping on the continent. Have a lovely summer x


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