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after two days at disneyland paris, we spent two days in paris paris. and, to me, just like disneyland is worth all the hype, paris is worth all the hype. i first visited paris when i was a teenager, and i totally loved it. i’ve since been back four times and i genuinely love it more each time i go. there’s just something magical about that city!

on saturday, i went on a run while ian hung out with the boys, and then he went to the catacombs while i hung out with the boys. we stayed at an airbnb that is the home of a family with two kids just our kids’ ages, which was perfect! lots of toys to play with and everything totally babyproofed 😉 then we headed out to see the column installation art at the palais royal – i’ve long wanted to see this random spot! we walked from there past the lourve and then along the seine, as the sky glowed and the city lit up, to the eiffel tower. i am a total sucker for the nighttime sparkle!! the boys loved it, and it was definitely worth keeping them up late for.

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on sunday morning, we left our airbnb (which was right by sacre coeur) to head to church (which is right by the hôtel de ville). after church we visited the musée d’orsay (i love that huge clock and the impressionist galleries so much!) and musée de l’orangerie (where one dives right into monet’s water lillies!).

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^^ our museum visits overlapped with some nap time 🙂 and this statue totally reminded me of moses when he kneels and folds his hands at the end of each day for family prayer. ^^
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our train back to london got very delayed due to a suspicious package in the train station … by the time we got home we were pooped! but so happy to have made some family memories in paris magic.

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  1. A lovely view of “iconic” (how I hate the way that word is overused!) Paris, truly the loveliest city of all… perhaps tied with Venice, but it seems they should be in different categories. Thank you for reminding me.


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