celebrating another year older

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on the twelfth of june, i turned thirty three. i was grateful for an opportunity to celebrate another year passed, full of blessings and growth, and another year ahead. birthdays can be tricky for me, but this one was pretty wonderful.

my beloved london birthday tradition is to have a picnic in queen mary’s rose garden in regent’s park – my favourite spot in the whole city. the weather forecast said rain all day on my birthday as it approached … but when i woke up on 12 june i checked my phone and it said no rain until noon. so i told my three boys we were doing a breakfast picnic and going right now! we headed out right away and got to enjoy the roses before the rain – i was so happy about that. 

IMG 4738IMG 4728IMG 4776IMG 4749 3IMG 4762IMG 4761 IMG 4766 2IMG 4768IMG 4771 2IMG 4767

ian and moses made me a delicious lemon birthday cake. they were so darling working on it together and it turned out to be so yummy!

i know this picture is blurry but i still love it because those two faces are just so darn cute!!
IMG 4783IMG 4789 3 IMG 4800IMG 4799

in the evening, ian and i went out on a birthday-celebrating date. we went to a new middle eastern (our favourite type of food) restaurant that we heard had a killer, unique cheesecake. it was so tasty. when we came out of the restaurant the rain had cleared again and we were close to regent’s park so we went back to the rose garden! it was magical – we literally did not see another soul in the park and we had all the beauty to ourselves in the very very last light of day. we actually ended up getting locked in and had to hop the fence to get back to the tube and then back home! a perfect adventure to end my birthday. 

IMG 4111 IMG 4115IMG 4804

thirty three is going to be really good.


  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration!
    Also, I wanted to tell you that you look amazing and just genuinely happy 🙂


  2. The happiest of birthdays to you! How amazing to be surrounded by all those roses. I always think of English roses as the most beautiful, perhaps because, when I was a little girl, my parents received a “Queen Elizabeth” as a gift for their new garden.


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