cotswolds with grammie and grandfather

IMG 4862

my parents came to town in the middle of june. they were on their way to give a speech in russia and had a few-day layover in london. i feel so lucky and happy that my parents can and do visit us pretty often. it is always sooo great to have them around. 

we decided that this time we would all take a little overnight trip together! they had never been to the cotswolds – an “area of outstanding natural beauty” northwest of london that is peppered with the most darling, perfectly british villages … so we took them there! we stayed in a 17th century cottage right across the street from arlington row, which is dubbed “the most beautiful street in england” and is lined with the oldest inhabited buildings in the country. we arrived in the village of bibury just as the sun was setting and the golden hour was delicious. we spent the next morning wandering around the charm and then stopped by two other cotswolds villages: bourton-on-the-water, which has an exact-replica model village that was so fun for our boys, and castle combe, where we got caught in a crazy hailstorm and took refuge in the 13th century church. it was so fun to be with grammie and grandfather and just soak up england, a place we all six adore. 

IMG 4154
^^ arlington row as seen from where we parked our car outside our cottage. ^^
IMG 4140
^^ this garden, a few doors down from our cottage, bleeeew me away. these pictures don’t do it justice – it was so gorgeous. ^^
IMG 4149 IMG 4146
^^ grammie and moses // the old cottage we stayed in! ^^
IMG 4815 IMG 4843
IMG 4821 IMG 4832IMG 4826IMG 4833IMG 4849
^^ arlington row, as seen from up the hill past the houses… ^^
IMG 4854 IMG 4857
^^ of course the picture that is in focus is not the one where he’s smiling cutely, haha. but the clear photo shows off his “there’s a dog!!!!” screeching face perfectly. love this little boy so so much. ^^
IMG 4865 IMG 4869
IMG 4158 IMG 4162
the model village in bourton-on-the-water! i just thought this was so cool and fun. 
IMG 4178
IMG 4183 IMG 4171
IMG 4206 IMG 4191
^^ there’s just nothing like flowers in england in the summer, popping up wherever they possibly can! ^^
IMG 4884
^^ after the hailstorm in castle combe! ^^
IMG 4874 IMG 4891IMG 4197IMG 4892

we spent a day and a half back in london with grammie and grandfather before they took off for russia. we took them to battersea park, attended church and celebrated father’s day together (so fun for me to be with my father and the father of my children – can’t believe i didn’t take a picture!), and walked across westminster bridge to say hello to big ben (which is covered in scaffolding!). 

so glad for another wonderful visit from my mom and dad. i love them so so so so so so so so much! 


  1. The Cotswolds is such a pretty area.

    My auntie used to live in Winchcombe & her house was made of Cotswold stone. Really pretty.

    Glad you had a great time with your Mum & Dad.


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