into the fjords of norway

okay, i have so many hundreds of pictures from our trip to norway to organise and share! as long as i can remember, the fjords of norway have been at the tip top of my travel wish list. for one reason or another different destinations have beat out my dream destination over the past few years, but this june i at last got to norway! i had high expectations, but they were exceeded! this is such a stunning part of the earth.

we spent a week exploring the fjords via cruise boat:
IMG 5380
and the next week exploring the fjords via motor home!:
IMG 5689

it was an epic family adventure and i’m not sure how to start documenting it…! i guess i’ll just start at the very beginning…
we traveled via train to southampton and then walked to the cruise boat terminal from the train station, looking like quite the circus with two small children, a stroller, two car seats, a big suitcase, and two backpacks. but we were really pumped when we saw our boat!:
IMG 7840
after we got settled into our cabin, we spent some time at the kid’s splash pool on deck fifteen, got the kids to bed, and then got to check out this pretty sunset as we cruised through and out of the english channel. next stop, norway!
IMG 4439
we had one full day at sea. cruise ships are so fascinating to me. they are kind of a weird little world, but are really fun when you just lean into their uniqueness. our ship had an awesome kids club that moses looooved (gabriel wasn’t quite old enough), and also a “night nursery” where you can leave sleeping kids and babies. ian and i got to have a dinner date every night on board, it was awesome! and although the food wasn’t super great, the options were abundant and everything is all-you-can-eat, which is kind of my love language, haha.
we had a relaxing at-sea day around the ship. it was cool to step out onto our balcony and just see endless ocean.
IMG 4446 IMG 4452
mo loved running down the loooong corridors on the ship. when we woke up on monday morning, we popped out onto the balcony and saw our first port: stavanger!
IMG 7841 IMG 4465
as we drifted in to the shore, we saw millions of jellyfish in the water. every speck in this (really bad) photo is a jellyfish! kind of wild. it was mesmerizing to watch them swimming around as we pulled into the port.
IMG 4458
and then we were off to explore! here’s a picture of closed-eyes ian and grumpy-face moses with our parked cruise boat.
IMG 7854
we wandered around the streets a little and got our first taste of norway! moses spotted a troll statue, which turned out to be the first of many that he adored throughout our two weeks around the fjords.
IMG 7855 IMG 7846
isn’t this colourful road delightful?
IMG 7845 IMG 7851
we spent an hour or so walking the thoroughly charming whitewashed streets of stavanger’s old town. i love all the flags and flowers!
IMG 4964 IMG 4971
IMG 4969 IMG 4972IMG 4974
it was kind of strange and kind of cool to see our huge boat at the end of the streets! we found two little playgrounds amidst the charm – jackpot!
IMG 4983 IMG 4979IMG 4986IMG 4997
IMG 7859 IMG 7861
IMG 7869 IMG 7871
then, we went on a little boat down into lysefjord. it was sooo windy and sooo beautiful.
IMG 5004IMG 5022IMG 5016
sometimes you’ve got to just try to capture the tantrums … which are usually over very quickly and the boys are back to smiles 😉
IMG 5032 IMG 5035IMG 5039
the scenery got more and more dramatic as we continued down the fjord. it was so hard to capture with a camera!
IMG 5042IMG 5048IMG 5059IMG 5071
see that little narrow rectangular platform of rock sticking out in this photo below? that is preikestolen, or pulpit rock, one of the most iconic spots in fjord norway. we hiked to preikestolen a week after we rode on a boat underneath it. really cool to get both perspectives of lysefjord!
IMG 5077IMG 5096IMG 5106IMG 5086
our boat went right up next to this waterfall. one of the crew held out a bucket to catch some of the gush and we all got to drink a bit of fresh waterfall water! moses and i got a bit soaked standing at the very front of the boat. we felt alive!
IMG 5091 IMG 5063IMG 5095
ahhh these pictures do such a bad job capturing the grandeur! i had a moment on this boat ride when my soul just stopped, soaked it all in and thought, “wow, god is awesome.”
IMG 5105
back to the old town and more troll statues…!
IMG 4472
and then back on the boat overlooking the city!
IMG 4474
IMG 4476 IMG 4479
and we were off to our next stop – which turned out to be my favourite spot in norway.
to be continued…!

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  1. Lovely! We just did Preikestolen today with my two kids and husband and drove up to Bergen! After Bergen we are doing Flam, Geiranger and Alesund, all tips welcome!! Thanks for the lovely pictures it was such a great surprise to see this today as we are here!


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