glacier, waterfalls, clouds

IMG 5445 JPG

the next stop on our cruise was the little port town of olden, further up north. our day around olden was the cloudiest we had in norway, which was a bit of a bummer because we had scheduled a trip up the loen skylift, a cable car with a killer-view mountaintop destination. we didn’t get the fjord views we were hoping for, but we did get loads of gushing waterfalls on our drive to and then surrounding briksdal glacier. you win some, you lose some 🙂 we had a great day in port in olden.

as we headed on the cable car up into the clouds, we got some gorgeous glimpses of views down to the fjord and the glacier lake on the opposite side…
IMG 4601 IMG 4609IMG 4617
…but at the top, all we could see was white!
IMG 4632 IMG 4625
we were inside a cloud.
IMG 8098
on the way back down, we spotted our cruise boat! it’s on the very left of this picture:
IMG 8103
back at sea level, we rode on a bus to briksdal glacier. (we had purchased a “shore excursion through the cruise line for this port.) the colour of the water in the glacier lakes we saw on our way was astounding!! our boys were really good sports as we carted them along on this adventure.
IMG 4645
IMG 4650 IMG 4653
there’s no way pictures or words could capture the majesty of the scene we took in when we got close to the glacier. the mist and waterfalls just made everything so dramatic and incredible!!! it felt so surreal.
IMG 5428IMG 5410IMG 5411
IMG 8113 IMG 5405
snaps from the drive back to port (the bus window made the colours a little extra saturated, but that teal really was sooo vivid!):
IMG 4685 IMG 4686
when we got back to the town of olden the clouds started breaking! we took a walk through the little village.
IMG 5430
looking back towards our ship:
IMG 5432
can you spot moses jumping off a tree stump in this picture?:
IMG 5440
and then we had to get back on the boat to cruise away to our next destination. we stood out on our balcony and waved goodbye to this gorgeous little corner of the earth.
IMG 4695 IMG 4714
IMG 4707 IMG 4711
after we pulled away, moses went straight to the kids’ club (he loved it!!) and we took gabriel to enjoy some spectacular passing beauty from the top deck of the cruise boat.
IMG 5449IMG 5451IMG 5457
next stop: bergen!
…to be continued…!

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