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the last stop for our cruise was bergen. after a day in this cute town, we picked up our rented motor home, while the rest of the passengers on our boat returned to the uk. we had just gotten a tiny taste of the fjord region of norway and were so glad that we had chosen to disembark and stick around for a while!

bergen is colourful and charming, and the top of mount fløyen was a perfect place for our family to play together for a while.

when we first got off the boat in bergen, we went straight to bryggen, the old wharf. these colourful wooden houses, which have stood on this spot for ages, are so picturesque! i loved exploring around them.
IMG 5463IMG 5479
IMG 5473 IMG 5466
on our way to catch the funicular up mount fløyen, we saw some other cute streets:
IMG 5491
and moses found a shop with lots of animals – aka what he would consider heaven.
IMG 5494 IMG 5492
we rode the funicular up, up, up…
IMG 4729 IMG 4733
to take in amazing views…
IMG 8139IMG 5497
between the two of these pictures, we have all four faces looking somewhat at the camera and smiling nicely…haha:
IMG 4737 IMG 4738
we thought the funicular ride would just bring us to a viewpoint, but fløyen also has two playgrounds, a “troll forrest,” and a perfect little mountain lake! we were delighted!
IMG 4748 IMG 8142
IMG 4740 IMG 4741
after gathering our luggage from the boat, we took a taxi to our airbnb and had some time for naps and rejuvenation after lots of adventuring! we slept over and the next morning went back up mount fløyen!
IMG 4763 IMG 4769
IMG 4771 IMG 4777IMG 4781
moses learned about “thumbs up” on our trip to norway. and was obsessed with trolls by the time we went home.
IMG 4794 IMG 4796
whenever we are out in nature and moses sees flowers, he loves to pick one for me. it’s pretty sweet.
IMG 4793

that afternoon, ian picked up the sweet rv that we called home over the next five days. i wish i had a picture and/or video from when he rolled up to the airbnb in that thing. moses was so excited. thus began the next phase of our norwegian adventure!

…to be continued…!

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