this year’s independence day celebrating

IMG 5350

we got home from norway on the third of july and went straight into celebrating the next day! it’s always peculiar to commemorate independence day in the country from which independence was fought for … but we have a good time with it 🙂

this year on the fourth of july i took the boys to meet up with some friends at the v&a museum paddling pool for a little party with american flags and treats. (ian had a friend from his college days in town so he met up with us after!) it was a really fun morning with pals!

IMG 5294 IMG 5295
IMG 5307 IMG 5309
IMG 5312 IMG 5297
IMG 5321 IMG 5320
right around the fourth of july, gabriel started walking! super exciting.
IMG 5319

that afternoon, we went as a family to splash in the fountains at somerset house. we all had a blast! after we dried off, we went to our old neighborhood – covent garden – and ate an all-american dinner at shake shack.

IMG 5328
IMG 5331 IMG 5336
IMG 5340 IMG 5341
IMG 5351 IMG 5352

i really love the fourth of july. especially i love coordinating red, white and blue outfits for my family, ha! i’ve gotta include the through-the-years photos i shared on instagram stories here…

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D4472AB7 8CEA 47AB 8890 50D12C66065C 4A01C331 39D2 4785 AE1E 09C1BF185FE4
39D9F4A2 7A40 43A4 9BE2 54FC9C12682E 62B0615C BDBE 4BFA 9D15 6AB0E050548F
2A53A848 56BF 4A19 AD53 5FD23960526A IMG 5366

it was a happy independence day in london!


  1. I love how excited you get about the 4th of July even tho you’re not in the US on that day.

    I especially like how you get all the colours of your clothes to match.


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