IMG 5440

on the fifth of july, we kind of impulsively decided to find a babysitter and go stand in the queue to try to catch some matches at wimbledon! ian and i are both big tennis fans, so this was incredibly fun for us to do together. i actually went to wimbledon with my family when i was young, but now i appreciate it 100x more, ha! we ended up waiting in line for about two and a half hours before we got our grounds passes. that felt like such a small price to pay the second we got in and were at once simultaneously charmed and electrified by our surroundings. it was very exciting. the grounds at wimbledon are seriously so beautiful, and the atmosphere is pretty electric. we ended up seeing some great matches on court three, then watching such a thrilling match on the big screen from the top of henman hill (coco gauff – the fifteen-year-old that beat out venus williams in the first round! – came from way behind and win!), then getting resale tickets to see the last match of the day played on court one. it was definitely one of the best dates we have ever been on.

with our queue cards, about halfway through our wait 🙂 :
IMG 5378IMG 5384
henman hill and outrageously pretty flower boxes around centre court:
IMG 5381 IMG 5398
IMG 5386 IMG 5389
eating the iconic wimbledon strawberries and cream…yum!:
IMG 5408 IMG 5414
sitting on the front row to watch some of the very best doubles tennis players in the world:
IMG 5417
watching coco win in a total nail-biter third set with this huge crowd was so fun. my heart was racing! can you spot the london skyline in the distance?!:
IMG 5422
golden hour in court one:
IMG 5426
IMG 5443 IMG 5445
and a sensational sunset on the (very crowded!) walk to the tube station:
IMG 5413 IMG 5449

we’ve decided we’ve got to join the afternoon queue one day every summer now…!

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