a third birthday party for moses!

IMG 5776 IMG 5778IMG 5791

on the saturday before he turned three, we threw a birthday party for our moses! a good chunk of our friends were out of town (summer is so crazy for everyone, i think especially as ex-pats because so many go home to the usa for a bit of summer!), but i actually loved the smaller group. it was just a pretty casual gathering, but lots of fun with balloon animals, a piñata, and ice lollies. it was wonderful to celebrate our little mo in our garden on a pretty summer day.

IMG 5779 IMG 5783
so grateful for these sweet friends!
IMG 5797
moses with a chocolate ice cream mustache and his favourite among the fun animal “walking balloons.” // gabriel also had a blast at the party – not sure how he missed the picture with all the kids!
IMG 5802 IMG 5812
some balloon animal races!:
IMG 5808
IMG 5807 IMG 5809

our three-year-old moses is exuberance personified. he is full of life and light and joy.  he is clever and funny and curious. he’s as boisterous as they come, so being his parent can be exhausting, but we wouldn’t trade in an ounce of his zest for anything. we love him like crazy!

IMG 5771

{moses’s first birthday party here; moses’s second birthday party here}

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