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2019 07 21 Eyrealm Reunion 2325802019 07 18 iPhone 2320932019 07 22 Bear Lake 233119IMG 19502019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 2322282019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232252

this year’s annual “eyrealm” bear lake reunion was special … because we were celebrating fifty years since my parents got married. it was so awesome to be all together, as always, but especially as mom and dad reached this amazing milestone. every year this gathering fills me up in so many wonderful ways, and it is getting more and more fun as my own children are increasingly enjoying my favourite place with their cousins. i feel so lucky to have bear lake every summer!!!

some photos from this year…

our time at the lake started off with an “m.e.” (mothers of eyrealm!) evening. we left all the kids with the dads and went to dinner on the other side of the lake. we had fantastic (as always) conversation as we ate, saw a gorgeous moonrise over the lake, and stopped to get raspberry shakes on the way back. then we sat in the car in the dark, parked outside the house, for forty-five minutes because we couldn’t stop chatting and wanted more time together!
2019 07 16 iPhone 2320012019 07 16 iPhone 2320042019 07 16 iPhone 232010IMG 5689
a few days later, the boys went to the same spot for their own mini getaway. they sent us this picture, applying the “old filter” using “faceapp” to show us what our husbands will look like in 40 years. hahahaha!
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we had a few days settling in before the reunion officially started. there were sunset walks…
2019 07 17 iPhone 2320292019 07 17 iPhone 232039
…and my first waterski since last summer, which is always exhilarating, and lots of playing with cousins.
and then there was grammie camp! my mom does a little “camp” for the grandkids, in different groups organised by age, every year. moses and gabriel aren’t technically old enough to go to grammie camp (start age is five!), but they did get invited to a “littles party” for a few hours with grammie. there was a little family tree lesson, some animal making with wikisticks, and facepaint! and of course a dance party.
IMG 1889 IMG 1895IMG 1904IMG 1912
soon it was time for the “opening ceremonies” of the reunion. this year my dad asked to do a little “keynote welcome speech.” (ha, if you know my dad this surprises you zero.) he talked a little about the last fifty years and showed the grandkids how he had written each of his “grandfather’s secrets” on rocks. i love my dad so much for all his quirk, and for all his desire to share and teach, and for all his love.
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 2321382019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 2321422019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232145
then we went out to the grass to watch my brother jonah and his family, who were in charge of the reunion this year, reveal the theme and schedule.
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232155
jonah and aja had found these posters (from who knows what?!) and hung them on the house, just for laughs 😉
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232157
there was a pretty awesome dance by these guys wearing golden bodysuits to different songs with the word “golden” in them. reunion 2019: fifty golden years!
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232176
each year we usually have a couple of organised group activities per day, just for fun. and then there’s lots of unstructured time to hang out at the beach, play in the lake, etc.
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232178
i always love the golden hour on the first evening of the reunion, everyone so happy to be back together, wearing new matching tshirts 😉
here gabriel is perfectly exhibiting what i like to call cousin joy! his big cousin bennett was making him laugh so hard!
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232227
love these two golden anniversary-ers sooo much!
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 232246
we all headed down to the beach for our annual reunion kick-off bonfire!
2019 07 18 Eyrealm Reunion 2322682019 07 18 iPhone 232108
the bonfire is usually my favourite part of the time we have together at bear lake. ahead of the reunion, everyone chooses a song that they’ve liked that year to share with everyone. we listen to them and guess who picked them at the bonfire. this year there was a twist – we had to collectively pick one song from each of the fifty years that my parents have been married. we had some awesome selections spanning five decades of music hits!
2019 07 18 iPhone 232114
after the sun was long gone behind the mountains and all the s’mores were eaten, we broke out the glowsticks and the sparklers and had a beach dance party 🙂
the next morning, there was a portrait painting activity! i loved the variety of grammie and grandfather portraits that resulted.
2019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 232283
IMG 2031 IMG 2218
2019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2322982019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 232309
and that afternoon was “fear factor,” when the grandkids challenge each other at eating gross stuff. haha … i always think this tradition will phase out but the kids just love it sooo much. this year moses got in on fear factor! can you see ian and i coaching him very seriously at the end of the table here? (ha!):
2019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2323182019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2323262019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2323312019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 232346
he was pretty brave, and into the competition…
Img 8418 Img 8424
but the second his tongue touched something spicy, it was game over.
Img 8428 Img 8432
he still got a prize at the end of the reunion for completing the first three rounds. good job, mo!
beach time and fun conversations on the deck:
2019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2323532019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2323572019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 2323582019 07 19 Eyrealm Reunion 232373
and this is what it looks like to prepare a meal for 51 people…
2019 07 19 iPhone 2329792019 07 19 iPhone 232987
one night we celebrated my nephew’s birthday together.
2019 07 22 iPhone 233062
and played some boys-vs-girls “50 years of eyrealm” jeapordy.
2019 07 21 untitled 232740
another day we had some “olympics” events. we do like a bit of competition…
2019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 232425
look at the intensity in those cousins’ faces!
2019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 232409 2019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 2324102019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 2324372019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 232446
yes, competitiveness is an eyre trait it seems … but no one is more competitive than ian. i love how ian just springs into action whenever anything remotely competitive is happening, ha! he was serious about this race with my brother noah and brother-in-law jared…
2019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 2324512019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 232459
there were also pushup, situp and lunges competitions, a swimming race, and a long jump championship.
2019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 232474
my sisters dug up a bunch of old photos from my parents’ fifty years and made this cool 5-0 collage on the wall on the porch of the house.
2019 07 22 Bear Lake 233126
it was so fun to look through all these images, and especially to show them to mo!
2019 07 20 Eyrealm Reunion 232488 2019 07 20 iPhone 233011
older nieces and nephews (and significant others! ahh!) on a sunsetty night…
2019 07 20 iPhone 233013
one evening all the men hung out with my mom and all the women hung out with my dad. we had a great discussion over ice cream.
2019 07 20 iPhone 233034
this girl (my incredible niece ana) did the lion’s share of reunion planning and executing. she’s so awesome.
2019 07 21 Eyrealm Reunion 232520
this year’s family picture! before heading off to church on sunday.
2019 07 21 Eyrealm Reunion 232610 2
we tried to do a “squeezing in” one too … but my mom’s face got totally covered so i’m calling that a fail, haha.
2019 07 21 Eyrealm Reunion 232641
mo and his cousins deanie and ezra doing remote control cars with uncle eli after church…
2019 07 21 untitled 232904
and the only picture we got of our whole little family together at the lake…!
IMG 5727 IMG 7477
mom and daughter saying goodnight to the sun…
2019 07 21 untitled 232733
and a hilarious round of “reverse charades” – also boys vs. girls!
IMG 2231IMG 2232
every night at bear lake ian, whom all the grandkids affectionately call “uncle starburst,” would throw starburst from the balcony onto the grass for kids to catch and devour. it was pretty thrilling!
IMG 2244IMG 5717
tennis is always a big part of the reunion. this year ian and i got to play three matches in the tournament (because of a forfeit, we didn’t actually win twice, haha)! it’s always fun to both play and watch.
2019 07 22 untitled 232757
these two couples always end up in the final of the mixed-doubles tournament.
2019 07 22 Bear Lake 233091
while adults watch the tennis, most of the kids end up in the cabin, watching one of the three vhs videos tapes we have, ha!
IMG 2261
at the reunion, each family gets one bedroom and all the kids and parents sleep in there together. this year we set up a little bed for moses on the floor right next to our bed. it was just the sweetest thing to see him cuddled up there snoozing. every morning he would pop up and climb into the big bed with us and cuddle for a long time, oftentimes falling back asleep. this is very uncharacteristic for him (he’s usually raring to go at the crack of dawn), and we loved it.
IMG 5687 IMG 5767
bear lake sunsets are the best!!!
IMG 5698
each night, grandfather told bedtime stories, from the fifty years he’s been married to grammie, to any kids that wanted to listen. moses, who loves stories more than any kid i have ever encountered, was glued every time.
IMG 5719
for sure the highlight of bear lake this year for our kids was the trampoline! this is a new addition at the lake as of this summer and it was a hit. see it there nestled in the grass?
IMG 5702
both our boys had sooo much fun on that thing!
IMG 5732 IMG 5748
IMG 5751 IMG 5752
IMG 5771 IMG 7479
before we knew it, it was time for the “closing ceremonies.” i was in charge of lunch that day so came in and out of the kitchen to the balcony to watch the cool awards ceremony jonah’s family put on.
2019 07 22 Bear Lake 233099
moses was pretty proud getting his award for competing in fear factor!
2019 07 22 Bear Lake 233106
and ian got a trophy for winning the pool (billiards) tournament! and also for being the best “actor outer” in reverse charades 🙂 i killed it in the lunges competition!
love this awesome family and all they did to make this year’s reunion so awesome.
2019 07 22 Bear Lake 233112

phew! that was a lot of pictures and words. glad to have it recorded here … such a wonderful time with my favourite people in my favourite place.


  1. Something about the teenage girl
    Cousin photo is just the best! They clearly love each other and I bet will be an excellent support system as they move from childhood to adulthood.


  2. I always look forward to your post on the reunion! It always gives me great ideas for our family’s reunion each year. We don’t have a specific place we go each year but we now have traditions we take with us each year that I have “adopted” from your family! Thank you


  3. As a long-time reader of your blog, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (and been envious!) if your Bear Lake posts. Our family is at the tail end of a 2+ week road trip from our home just outside Seattle, and we are here in Bear Lake before we head for home. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this place on your blog; its because of your posts that I begged my husband to come here! We hope to come back again someday :-).


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