in the lavender fields

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we returned home to london after our time in the usa, and had just five days before we set out traveling again. the end of ian’s time off was approaching and we wanted to take full advantage of it…! after spending a few days working through jet lag, we took a little day trip out to hitchin lavender fields, just outside of the city. i have been wanting to do this for several years, so i was so excited! the experience did not disappoint – the flower fields felt like a little slice of heaven! we explored and ran in the purple rows and filled our bags full of hand-picked lavender, had a delicious lunch at the cafe and played a lot at the playground right outside the cafe. we finished off the day by sharing a pot of lavender ice cream before catching the train home.

i used an app on my phone to edit the picture above … in reality there were plenty of other people in the lavender fields and it was impossible to get a photograph without photobombers 😉 it was fun to create something new and beautiful in that image, but this is what it really looked like:IMG 5957
it was a gorgeous scene, even dotted with fellow lavender pickers.
such a fun little family day out.

IMG 6018IMG 5999IMG 5911IMG 5962IMG 5979IMG 5878
IMG 5872 IMG 5922IMG 5915IMG 5888
IMG 5893 IMG 5894
IMG 5924 IMG 5919
IMG 5933 IMG 5941IMG 5979IMG 6000
IMG 6016 IMG 6022IMG 8534
^^ (moses wanted to try his hand at taking a photo with my big camera. haha! it’s almost half his size!) ^^
IMG 5899 IMG 5915  1


  1. These photos remind me of the tradition of taking photos in the bluebonnets each year in Texas. Did Ian ever do that when his family was in Texas? It would be interesting to compare the two!


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