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IMG 6419 IMG 6137
IMG 6157IMG 6163

estonia was our third and final baltic state to visit. we spent all our time in estonia in the capital city of tallinn, which is totally delightful. it was more crowded in tallinn than riga or vilnius (it’s a cruise ship port…!) but the old town just oozes with charm. we had a fun day exploring before we headed back to london.

IMG 6312
IMG 6130 IMG 6134
^^ so many cool doors in tallinn. ^^
IMG 6139 IMG 6147
IMG 6361 IMG 6321IMG 6320
^^ the estonian parliament building. love that it’s pink. can you spot ian telling a story to moses? ^^
IMG 6145IMG 6148IMG 6159
^^ we had to snap some photos with this wall at a viewpoint. one day we’ll look back at these good old days of the craziness of traveling with two small kids and think … ahh, the times we had! ^^
IMG 6171
IMG 6326 IMG 6327
^^ attempting a family selfie – the background all washed out and the kids all over the place! ^^
IMG 6337 IMG 8812
^^ moses was much more interested in cuddling up with this huge stuffed cat outside a souvenir shop than taking a photo with his fam… ^^
IMG 6345
^^ here’s what it actually looked like behind us in those pictures. so pretty! ^^
IMG 6179
right by this (fairytale-looking!) tower gate into the old town there’s a spectacular flower market – stand after stand stuffed with gorgeous blooms.
IMG 6364 IMG 6365
IMG 6175 IMG 6184
IMG 6370 IMG 6382
after our morning explorations, ian stayed with gabriel at our airbnb for a nap (usually we have our kids nap on the go when we are traveling, but every once in a while it’s nice to get them rest in a bed if we can!). so i got to spend a few hours in tallinn on a little mommy date with moses. he had been really in to taking photos, and so i let him snap one of me on my phone in front of the door of our airbnb. i love seeing things from his perspective in the pictures he snaps! check out the camera roll … he certainly wasn’t settling for just one photo of this, we needed options! πŸ˜‰
IMG 6392 IMG 8757 PNGIMG 6396IMG 6398IMG 6401  1
IMG 6407 IMG 6416
another winner taken by the little mo:
IMG 8877
moses also loves souvenir shops. and helping ian and i pick out magnets (we are pretty into finding the perfect magnet in each place we visit). while mo and i were out and about together, we sent some pictures of magnets to ian as we tried to decide which one to buy!
IMG 0318 IMG 1705
when gabe woke up, we all met at the playground!
IMG 6421 IMG 6422
IMG 6428 IMG 8208
then headed back into the old town for dinner…
IMG 6437IMG 6388
^^ we ate at this medieval themed place that’s on the right side of the street in this photo. our waitress was all dressed up and called us “lord” and “lady.” haha, it was kind of silly but kind of fun. ^^
IMG 1002 IMG 7883
^^ the next morning we got to play a little in the magical little back garden of the building that our airbnb was in. ^^

and then we were headed home! lithuania, latvia, estonia – check! πŸ™‚


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