san marino: the icing on the cake

IMG 6225

just a few days after we got back from our baltic states road trip, we head off to visit san marino. we had to squeeze in one last adventure (and check off one more country, ha!) before ian started work again.

of all the places i have visited on this earth, i think san marino exceeded my expectations the most. a ridiculously charming old city hanging off the side of a mountain with virtually no cars and endless gorgeous views – yes please! this teeny tiny country, a constitutional republic since the year 301, is entirely surrounded by italy. going there was fascinating and delightful … and a great little kiss goodbye to our amazing summer of time off work.

we flew into bologna, drove to san marino, spent a few hours exploring, and then stayed overnight in the italian town of rimini. we spent the next day playing at the beach before heading back to london. yes, the perfect icing on the cake of an amazing summer of adventures!

IMG 6600 IMG 6595
^^ riding the cable car up the mountain to the city of san marino (the country has several other towns surrounding monte titano, the mountain on which the capital city is perched). ^^
IMG 6245 001
IMG 6200 IMG 6194
IMG 6198 IMG 6192
^^outside and inside the plazzo pubblico, san marino’s town hall and the country’s seat of government. we got to go right into the room where san marino’s parliament meets. ^^
IMG 6603
^^ best family selfie yet?? not much background, but look at those smiling faces! ^^
IMG 6214
in the city of san marino, there are three towers on the three peaks of monte titano, and you can walk to each of them along a pretty cobblestoned path with sweeping views of the pretty countryside on both sides. we went to the first two towers but decided to head back into town for dinner instead of trekking on to the third. it was really hot that day and we were so sweaty with the kids!
IMG 6207 IMG 6218
IMG 6185 IMG 6222IMG 6215 2IMG 6226IMG 6230IMG 6235
IMG 6234 IMG 6256 001IMG 6259 001
we found this fountain and let the boys run and play around there for a while…
IMG 6253 001 IMG 6254 001
…and moses decided to go ahead and dunk his head in. haha! i bet that felt really good to cool off!
IMG 6604 IMG 6605
IMG 6247 001 IMG 6251 001
IMG 6622 IMG 6662
^^ we found a pretty perfect sunset spot for a pizza dinner! ^^
IMG 6679
IMG 6676 IMG 6684
^^ and then rode back down the cable car. ^^
IMG 6687 IMG 6695
^^ we found this moses-sized knight on the way to our airbnb in rimini, where i had to snap a photo of gabriel’s amazing blue eyes and long eyelashes, and his darling little freckles which for some reason have only shown up on one side of his face! ^^
IMG 8815
the beach at rimini is pretty incredible. sun loungers and sun umbrellas dotted close together along the sand as far as the eye can see! we ended up at beach area number 89, and there must have been several hundred along that stretch of coast. every little beach area has a cafe, some bathrooms and showers, and a playground. crowds and commercialization is not my idea of ideal beach time … but i have to say this was pretty much heaven for the kiddos! we spent the day going back and forth from the playground to the water.
IMG 8808 IMG 8826IMG 8820

and that’s a wrap on our gardening-leave-wild-awesome-summer! the morning after we got home from san marino, ian started his new job in london.


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