cornwall with eli & julie’s crew

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my brother and his family kind of spontaneously came to europe at the end of august. we had just settled in to life with a routine after a summer full of travel, but we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to adventure with some of our very favourite people … so we last minute we planned a road trip to cornwall with eli, julie and their crew.

we all had such a blast being together in a beautiful place. i think moses had the best time of everyone – he was just thrilled to be with his cousins. we were lucky to have incredible weather and we saw some really gorgeous scenes. it was a party in our nine-passenger van, and we did a lot of reminiscing about our trip to the faroe islands a couple of years ago (when we both told each other we were pregnant!). it was a long weekend for the books!

here’s moses waiting at the window for his cousins. when he spotted them coming from way down the road, he started yelling with excitement 🙂 we took everyone out to our garden right away. dean (a bone fide expert) taught moses a thing or two about climbing trees. later that evening we went back to the garden when ian got home from work. zara and dean call ian “uncle starburst,” and he delivered all weekend.
IMG 6831 IMG 4868
IMG 6834 IMG 6839
we had an afternoon together in london before we headed out for cornwall. we headed to the park, where dean climbed more trees:
IMG 4879 IMG 4891
and we admired the sunken gardens at kensington palace.
IMG 2800IMG 2804
then we did a double-header splash pad afternoon! first the princess diana memorial fountain in hyde park and then the paddling pool at the v&a museum. the weather was amazing – a perfect day for splashing with cousins!
IMG 2807 IMG 2827IMG 2815
IMG 4896 IMG 4902
and after, we got ice cream 🙂
IMG 4913
we headed out around 5am the next morning, in an attempt to beat the holiday weekend traffic towards cornwall. the kids fell back asleep in the car and we did in fact avoid traffic, so it was a smooth drive!
IMG 2828
we got to see stonehenge on our way:
IMG 4920
and our destination to start taking in cornwall together was lizard point, the southernmost point of england! we walked along the coastal path, the kids still in pajamas and marveled at the colourful moss, the teal ocean and the dramatic cliffs.
IMG 2835IMG 6869IMG 4936IMG 2840IMG 2849IMG 2852IMG 2855IMG 2839IMG 4937IMG 4939IMG 4950
IMG 6417 IMG 6851
IMG 6853 IMG 6866
IMG 6856 IMG 6862
can you believe the colour of that water??
IMG 6872IMG 8949
i snapped these photos of moses because i want to remember his perfect sprinkling of freckles at 3 years + 1.5 months old!
IMG 6893 IMG 6894
that afternoon, we went to the beach! it is a rare occasion when it is hot enough to actually get in swimsuits and even more so to get in the water at a beach in cornwall. but this day was one of those rare occasions! this beach was perfect for the kids because it had a little stream running down the sand into the ocean that made for a fantastic play area for little ones.
IMG 2877
zara took this shot of the adults 🙂
IMG 4952
and on our way to our airbnb we passed by a sweet playground with a zipline. all three of the “big kids” rode on it together. they were giggling like crazy!
IMG 6898 IMG 6901
the next day we went to services at a local branch of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. afterwards, we visited st-just-in-roseland, which has this incredibly beautiful old church and graveyard that’s right on the water. it was a really fun place to explore.
IMG 6905 IMG 6906
IMG 5017 IMG 5021
IMG 2884
deanie and zara trying to get inside this gorgeous door (we did go in the church, but in a different entrance), and an attempt to get a picture of the babies together (always a fail these days!):
IMG 2885 IMG 2894
we skipped rocks down by the harbor for a while…
IMG 2904
a couple self-timer photo attempts:
IMG 2905IMG 2906
IMG 6908 IMG 6909
we saw hydrangeas and wild blackberries everywhere in cornwall!
IMG 5032 IMG 5033
we walked along the coastal path on the roseland peninsula, picking berries as we went, and found this little beach:
IMG 2918
attempts to get a good picture of mo and deanie together…
IMG 2927IMG 2931
… they’d much rather be doing this kind of thing than smiling for a photo!
IMG 2928IMG 2934IMG 6914 IMG 6916
we serendipitously ended up at this spot on the coastal path that evening:
IMG 5040IMG 2945
we walked along, taking in the beauty, picking blackberries, and then camped out on top of a green hill for a while and let the kids run and wrestle (their favourite thing ever).
IMG 6927 IMG 6934
IMG 6928IMG 6931
gabriel’s current favourite thing ever:
IMG 6936 IMG 6937
we tried to get a picture of all the kids together. does gabriel look into it? haha. and yes, moses had a little potty accident so ditched his trousers 😉
IMG 2949IMG 2952
here’s where we stayed, at a little holiday village:
IMG 5054
which had a playground…yes!!
IMG 6240
moses and dean had such a blast together, on the “spiny thing” and one night feeding each other ice cream…haha!
IMG 3265 IMG 4258
on our last day, we visited tintagel castle. ian and i went there a few years ago and loved it so we were happy to go back. the views are just to die for.
IMG 6946
IMG 6948 IMG 5083
IMG 6950IMG 6957IMG 9948Europe Summer 2019 1038Europe Summer 2019 1045Europe Summer 2019 1051Europe Summer 2019 1053Europe Summer 2019 1098
love this picture of zara and moses so much! they really love each other a lot.
Europe Summer 2019 1058 Europe Summer 2019 1079Europe Summer 2019 1068
the boys just wanted to climb and jump and climb and jump forever.
Europe Summer 2019 1070
and this picture of mo and his aunt julie! <3<3<3
Europe Summer 2019 1074Europe Summer 2019 1091IMG 1653IMG 5070IMG 5078
looking down over the edge of the cliff:
Europe Summer 2019 1077
we headed down to the beach as the tide was coming in…
IMG 5074 IMG 5104IMG 5112
… and then had a little cornish pasty picnic on the stairs …
IMG 5122
… and then had ice cream in the town right by the really cool old post office.
IMG 5135
these pictures are hilarious. can you tell we really tried but never succeeded at getting a good picture of all the kids together?
Europe Summer 2019 1109Europe Summer 2019 1111
this one with julie holding dean’s face into a smile is the best! ha!
Europe Summer 2019 1113Europe Summer 2019 1114
this was our car situation. we called that seat that ian is in, completely surrounded by children, the hot seat, and then the other three adults sat squished together in the front row of the car (there was a middle seat in addition to driver and passenger). it was wild and crazy!
IMG 5145
we stopped in one more darling little town before we zoomed back to london. since all the “big kids” were seriously zoned in on shows and we only had a little bit of time, ian volunteered to stay back with moses, zara and dean while eli, julie and i took the babies to explore a little bit.
Europe Summer 2019 1118
Europe Summer 2019 1120Europe Summer 2019 1125IMG 5155
gabriel and etta were only interested in touching each other, ha! this was one last gorgeous cornish spot to enjoy before we were back in the big city.
IMG 5160 IMG 5166
and the next morning, eli and julie and their crew headed back home to new york city! another great adventure together – we hope there will be many more in the future with these guys!

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