moses goes to nursery school!

IMG 6298

on 16 september, moses had his first day of nursery school! this day was much anticipated and very exciting!!

i had a lot of reservations about sending my little mo to school every single morning. i just felt like he’s so young, and i would miss him, i loved being involved in everything in joy school, and it just seemed like a lot for a newly turned three year old! (in england, fifteen hours of nursery school per week is free for all children once they turn three, and the neighborhood state school that we chose only has one option: every day, and all fifteen hours must be used.) but as the first day got closer and closer, i felt more and more strongly that this would be good for everyone in our family. when i went to go buy mo’s uniform a few days before he was set to start, and walked by his school en route, i felt sooo giddy excited. i woke up on 16 september feeling a little like it was christmas morning!

moses was a good sport to let me take a bunch of pictures of him before we headed out.

IMG 6283 IMG 6276
IMG 6286 IMG 6292
IMG 7282 IMG 7284
IMG 6284 IMG 6291

we had talked up school for months, but i was a little worried that once we got to his classroom moses would be shy and worried. but there was zero of that. he was pumped and went right in confidently. one of the teachers rolled out a huge box of toy animals and moses thought he died and went to heaven. here he is after pickup on the first day, as pleased as punch and feeling so big and quite proud of himself.

IMG 7262 IMG 7263

it’s been a couple of weeks now, and moses is still wildly excited about school, every day. at drop off and at pick up. and i’m so so glad! all my worries have melted away, and i absolutely love that he is in nursery school. i love that his classmates are from all over the world (and several don’t speak a word of english), that he comes home singing darling songs that he learned and adores, that he stopped me today and said, “mom, did you know that sharing is caring?”, that he’s really excited to see his brother after three hours apart.

we are getting in a groove for drop off and pick up. sometimes moses scoots and sometimes he alternates between the ride board (gabriel in the buggy) and walking. every day after school he eats a peanut butter sandwich that i’ve brought him (he’s ravenous when i pick him up!) and we send a marco polo to ian with a report from the school day’s happenings. i pepper him with a million questions and he sometimes just exclaims, so proud and excited, “i went to schoooool!”

IMG 7467 IMG 7388

i’m loving the one-on-one time i’m getting with gabriel every morning! and i think gabey is loving it too. every single day i think to myself, “holy cow, caring for just one child is so easy!” haha. i get to both play with gabriel and get lots done most mornings.

IMG 7396 IMG 7400

after school, gabriel naps, so then i get some great one-on-one time with mo! he recently got really into filling an entire page with animal stickers – we’ve worked on that together for hours. and when we go out after gabriel has woken up, moses often falls asleep in the buggy. school can be really exhausting!!

IMG 7418 IMG 7424

the picture that the teachers took of moses that’s on his hook and name flower kills me, haha! that little shy, side-eye smile! i can hardly stand how darling mo is running into his classroom each morning, dropping off his bag, putting his name on his flower and then going to sit cross-legged on the carpet to listen. he looks so cute in his uniform!! we are definitely in a honeymoon phase with school … i’m acknowledging that but also raelly enjoying it!

IMG 7312 IMG 7415

i’m pretty proud of my little school boy! love him like crazy. we’ve entered a new phase of life and it’s lookin good.


  1. Moses looks so grown up in his school uniform.

    I’m really glad he’s enjoying nursery school.

    Just curious, don’t you have the double buggy anymore?


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