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IMG 7545

after an epic summer of travel and fun with ian not working, we have now settled back into a routined life in london, and it feels so good! moses is loving nursery school and we are getting the hang of a new daily and weekly schedule. and now the leaves are turning, autumn is here, and the holidays are on their way. hooray!

here’s some photos from september and october (i’m finally neeeearly letting this blog live up to its name by blogging very recent events 😉 ).

gabriel isn’t saying many words yet, but he uses a lot of sounds. he is like a little monkey oooh-ing and aahh-ing. he’s curious and silly and brings us so much joy!
IMG 7339 IMG 7343
on one of the last sunny/warm days of the year, we went to kew gardens after school and spent many hours there. i was so glad to be out in nature that day because the next day the rain hit and it hasn’t stopped since!
IMG 7348 IMG 7351
gabe in a little playhouse, excitedly showing me the animals on his shirt:
IMG 7355 IMG 7361
we found this little log trail in a part of kew gardens that we hadn’t been to before. it was a fantastic discovery and we all had so much fun in nature.
IMG 7372 IMG 7378
check out the flowers on this building that i spotted after dropping moses off at school one day, on the way to playgroup with gabriel … wow!
IMG 7435
some other pretty scenes from that walk…
IMG 7438 IMG 7443
IMG 7450 IMG 7447
on the last saturday in september, we met some of our friends at the temple. after trading off going into the temple and playing with the kids on the grounds, we all went to hever castle together. it was such a fun outing, and ian and i decided we want annual passes to hever – it’s amazing and we only saw about a fourth of the grounds! i love that in england at any castle/manor/historic site there is always a playground and lots of other fun stuff for kids. and how about the ivy on the facade of the castle changing colours? i love it!
IMG 7486
IMG 7504 IMG 7509
IMG 7513 IMG 7515
IMG 7518 IMG 7494
a library book i particularly loved, and a self-portrait of feet by moses 😉
IMG 7334 IMG 7525
a few leftover summer flower boxes around london, and a pop of autumn festivity:
IMG 7534 IMG 7635
another day after school i took the boys to the tate modern to see the olafur eliasson exhibition. the walk to the museum from the tube – across millennium bridge and on a day that was finally not rainy after a week of wet – was glorious. and there was live music and a bubble man on the banks of the thames, both of which mo thoroughly enjoyed while gabriel snoozed in the buggy.
IMG 7551 IMG 7561
the exhibit was awesome. exactly up my art-loving alley, and super interesting for the boys as well. i absolutely loved it. eliasson is a dutch-icelandic artist whose works are mostly interactive and immersive. many change depending on the viewer, and it’s all about the experience rather than just a static creation. lots of mirrors, reflections, colours … and so much unique, fascinating creativity. the wall that moses is looking at here is covered in icelandic moss and was probably the length of a football field!
IMG 7617 IMG 7568
IMG 7613 IMG 7574
we all three loved this room where our shadows turned into colourful, moving art.
IMG 7586 IMG 7593
IMG 7599 IMG 7606
this photo is a fun snapshot of my life right now … watching two little boys learn and grow and interact and wonder, occasionally trying to capture it along the way 🙂
IMG 7605
another piece in the exhibition was a long corridor filled super densely with coloured fog. we couldn’t see even a few inches in front of us as we walked through, the hazy world around us turning from yellow to orange to red to purple. the fog even had a sweet taste. talk about immersive! it was really neat. there was also a pitch black room with a fountain in it. any time the water splashed up, a bright light illuminated it for just a millisecond, creating a snapshot, different and gorgeous every time. so cool. it was all a great opportunity to teach my kids about about creativity as a gift from our heavenly parents.  we also got to go to the family area of the museum and do some colouring, and to the top floor to take in the incredible sweeping views of our city.
IMG 7623IMG 7624
IMG 7630 IMG 7634
moses did his first-ever school project: make a 3d bee! everyone in his school made one as part of a unit learning about harvest and gratitude and how the creatures of the earth work together! mo and i had a blast making a bee together, and he was so proud of his creation. he even got a picture with his bee in the school newsletter! // on the way to school every day moses for some reason likes to look for “cute cars” and then he always wants to pose in front of the cars that he deems cute, haha.
IMG 7644 IMG 7647
autumn leaves in the alley behind our building…!
IMG 7879 IMG 7656
pretty much every day brings either a magnatile or a train track creation at our house. and there are always animals involved. mo has moved from saying “elephants, giraffes and bison” when you ask him what his favourite animal is to saying, “all the animals in the whole entire world.”
IMG 7659
my nephew ashton and his girlfriend lexy came to london last week! here’s the boys watching out the window waiting for them to arrive, and here we are all together at buckingham palace!
IMG 7679 IMG 7673
it was really fun to have those two around! they are students at the university of utah and we were lucky to see them over their fall break.
and a bit more london autumn wonder:
IMG 7884 IMG 7887

life is beautiful.

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  1. Autumn is a wonderful time of year & my favourite.

    I love that yellow door & all the bright steps.

    Your boys are so cute.


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