pumpkins. foliage. and saydi comes to town!!!

IMG 3267

i can’t believe october is almost over! we have some little boys pretty darn excited about halloween, and christmas has already started exploding in shops here in london. daylights savings has hit us (hello, 5am wakeups, and 5pm darkness, ugh!) and the year is winding down … wild. time feels so interesting as a parent – fast, slow, slippery, heavy, sticky, sweet. i’m so so glad i get to spend my days with moses and gabriel and watch them grow in every season.

some photos from the past couple of weeks —>>>

we’ve been spending at least an afternoon a week with some little pals whose mom has been very sick in her pregnancy. this has been a huge joy for moses, who adores his friend zoe. i couldn’t pick which of these darling photos of the two of them to post, so here’s seven…! ha.
IMG 7916  1 IMG 7917  1
IMG 7918  1 IMG 7919  1
IMG 7920  1 IMG 7926  1
the kids asked for a photo with this cool car!
IMG 7935
moses’s school had a “harvest festival” at the church with which the school is affiliated. it was the first time i had been in the church and i was taken back by how gorgeous it is! every student in the school made a bee and learned about how bees work together and work with the earth. at the festival there was words and music about helping each other as brothers and sisters in a community, and being grateful for all we have. it was beautiful!
IMG 7951 IMG 7953
moses had a week off of school (what we call in england, “half term”). his homework over the break was to collect things outside and make them into a collage. he asked if we could make an elephant out of coloured leaves. why not?!
IMG 7124 IMG 5429
some pretty autumnal snaps from around the neighborhood:
IMG 7957 IMG 7960
IMG 7914  1 IMG 8084
a morning walk in hyde park with gabriel, who was very excited about his stick find:
IMG 7977 IMG 7978
a couple of saturdays ago we went to a pumpkin patch outside of london. the tube line we needed happened to not be running that day so we got to enjoy a loooong bus ride…!
IMG 9194
we made it! and the boys were thrilled about all the pumpkins. i have to say, though, one thing i miss about living in the usa is the festivity around autumn. it’s just not the same in the uk!
IMG 8005
IMG 7992 IMG 7991
IMG 8010 IMG 8014
IMG 8028 IMG 8043
the best part of our excursion to the pumpkin patch was definitely this big tree swing there. so much fun for everyone. i love these faces!
IMG 9208 IMG 8033
IMG 8038 IMG 8040
the next day was stake conference (a bi-annual meeting where a group of congregations meet all together), which meant that ian didn’t have his regular sunday meetings (he is a counselor to the bishop of a young adult ward in our stake, and usually is at the church for many hours each sunday). this was a treat for us, and we had an awesome day together as a family. after our church meeting we went to kensington gardens and collected leaves (for mo’s elephant collage pictured above!) and fed the birds. i had chosen to put away my phone for the entire day (which felt amazing!) and so i just have a few snaps from ian’s phone, but i want to remember how delicious that afternoon in the park felt. it was easy and colourful and fun.
IMG 9217 IMG 9219IMG 9231
things got a little crazy feeding the birds – we were completely surrounded in eager fowl. moses even got to feed some birdies directly from his hand! exciting stuff.
IMG 9252 IMG 9255
IMG 9256 IMG 9259IMG 9261
since mo wasn’t in school in the mornings during half term, i signed him up for a couple of football classes. he had a blast.
IMG 8059 IMG 8062
his favourite part was, of course, the “animal races.” here is is being an elephant and a lion!
IMG 8063 IMG 8065
a bit more pretty autumnal-ness:
IMG 8069 IMG 7956
snapshots from a walk through chelsea to go play at the soft play area at the national army museum (maybe my kids’ favourite place in london right now!):
IMG 8072 IMG 8074IMG 8080
mo has been really into taking photos with my phone lately. he takes some shots of the world around him, like this one that shows off our little bit of halloween decorating…but mostly he just takes hundreds and hundreds of selfies. haha!
IMG 4729 IMG 3059
last week my sister saydi came to visit!!!!! i was sooo excited to have her here in london with me. it was a little bit crazy juggling the kids, my intense desire to just be with my sister, and some back-and-forth from london to writtle (where her best friend lives) but it was so wonderful.
after she arrived on a tuesday morning, we took her to kew gardens! it was a glorious fall day and we tried to kick her jet lag in the butt by being outside in this gorgeous place. (i think kew gardens might be my current favourite spot in london – it’s been such a haven for me lately!)
IMG 0193IMG 8081
IMG 0168 IMG 0172
IMG 0177 IMG 0179
IMG 8087 IMG 8097IMG 8103
IMG 0190 IMG 0192
the next morning we woke up nice and early and went to sunrise yoga at the sky garden. i’m so glad i got to experience this with my sister! (i had been a couple times before, several years ago.) it was really neat to slow our minds and stretch our bodies as the glittering night became a cool blue morning around us.
IMG 0198IMG 0203IMG 0207
the next day i took the boys out to writtle and amy (saydi’s best friend, who is basically a sister to me) took us to this gorgeous garden area called hyde hall. unfortunately the weather was pretty awful for exploring a gorgeous garden area, but we still took in lots of beauty and had an adventure!
IMG 0266
gabriel was really into “reading his map.”
IMG 8116 IMG 8117
IMG 0270 IMG 0283
IMG 2733 IMG 0273
and there were some giant pumpkins and a cool display of different squashes, which delighted both boys.
IMG 8130 IMG 0286
IMG 8133 IMG 0291
^^ check out that rain-bedazzled spider web! ^^
IMG 0298
IMG 8120 IMG 8113
IMG 8118 IMG 0300
we went back to amy’s house (which is seriously one of my very most favourite places to be!) for a delicious dinner with amy and her girls ^^ love those schwartzes so much!
the next day saydi and amy came into london and we met up to cross the millennium bridge and go to the tate modern.
IMG 0306
after, we dropped off the boys at my friend’s flat (she owed me some babysitting!) and we rented bikes and rode through the parks. it was exhilarating and awesome and we didn’t take a picture! the crunchy leaves were blowing in the autumn wind and we were all three delighting so much. we had cream tea at a cute little tea room and then met up with amy’s husband for a pizza dinner in soho (ian was really awesome to pick up the boys and get them to bed while we enjoyed).
the next day saydi took family photos for us, we got to enjoy yummy dishoom (a very popular indian restaurant) breakfast together just the two of us, and then as the rain came in we drank tea while playing with the boys and chatting with ian at home. saydi got in on our family pumpkin carving session that evening, and the next day (sunday), i took the boys back out to writtle to enjoy more time with my sister and the schwartzes. we were so bad at taking photos – i just wrote all that that happened and can’t believe we don’t have any pictures of any of it, ha!
here’s some pictures of the completed pumpkins that i snapped after saydi left. we were all so happy she came and so sad she had to go back home.
IMG 4057 IMG 5336
IMG 7107 IMG 1278
then it was on to jumping in the leaves for my dad’s birthday (that is his beloved birthday tradition):
IMG 7964 IMG 9136
and now tomorrow is halloween eve!
october 2019 was pretty great.
IMG 8009


  1. I have the weirdest question….do your kids get sick often? I am a major germaphobe and I worry so much that I am holding my kids back in life in terms of what they experience. I am always amazed at everything you do with your boys and they seem so happy. But playgrounds with bus rides and train rides, soft plays, bobbing for apples almost gives me a panic attack. My kids are sick a lot and I have to gear myself up to take them out and experience these things. We do it but not nearly as much as what your kids experience. So…..I’m wondering if they get sick a lot and you just figure that is childhood. If so, how do you cope with sickness? If not, do you think they just have amazing immune systems? Maybe all the exposure has helped? Anyway, I realize this is totally weird but I am curious.


    • Not Charity, but a mother of a 2 year old son, so I hope you don’t mind me chiming in.
      We live in Germany and we do a lot of the things the Wrights do. For example, we use public transport daily (where I let my son push the button for the lift, which even I find a little disgusting).

      He has colds quite often, statistically a fever once a month (?). He also goes to a nursery, so I don’t where he catches the colds. I don’t think that his immune system is that great yet, but I think the exposure builds it up.


    • i am like the opposite of a germaphobe, haha! and i have to say, i am a believer that this has boosted my kids’ immune systems. i cannot remember the last time either was sick … actually gabriel has never been sick in his life! (runny nose or a cough here or there, but never a fever.) i feel really grateful, and i’m sure it’s a combination of things – luck definitely included – that has allowed us this good fortune. moses did get *very* sick at 8 months (a scary bout of pneumonia) and seemed to get sick every other week for a few months after that, but that’s really our only experience with kids’ illness.


      • What?!?!? That is amazing! My oldest had pneumonia twice before the age of three and my four year old has had it three times. We have fevers at least every other month but sometimes monthly. It’s rare to have just a cold – we always have to get out inhalers and breathing treatments. I don’t remember always being a germaphobe. I think it started when my oldest was a toddler and it has gotten worse. I’m trying to figure out how to change my thinking about all of this as I really don’t want to hold my kids back. Your boys really just seem so happy and active. Thanks for answering my question.


  2. Wow! Charity, your photography skills are strong and getting stronger! Were these taken in your iPhone? You’ve really captured the beauty of everyday life here.


  3. I love how excited you get about autumn. I do too:)

    Have a great Halloween tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing pix of the boys – & you & Ian too if you dress up – in their costumes.


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