final festivities

IMG 7395

a bit more fun before the big day…!

we went to a party that ian’s firm threw for all employees with children. it was a blast! mo got his face painted as father christmas! (they wouldn’t do the whole beard onto his chin because he had a little scratch there…)
IMG 0938 IMG 0948
these photos are great illustrations of the difficulty of taking a photo with both of the boys, haha!
IMG 0943 IMG 0942
beautiful homes in our area…
IMG 0959 IMG 0961
on the saturday before christmas we went to trafalgar square before nap time. this is the first year they’ve had a christmas market in trafalgar square and i hope they do it every year now; it’s lovely!
IMG 1018
gabriel loved seeing the lions (roaring like a lion is pretty much gabey’s signature thing…)
IMG 0997 IMG 0998
and both boys loved just running around the square in the middle of our big, beautiful city.
IMG 1002 IMG 1006
we practiced some “smiling for the camera” on the tube ride home. this is really a struggle for our super-happy and super-wiggly gabriel! practice makes perfect, right?! 😉
IMG 1025 IMG 1022 IMG 1031IMG 1028
even after that practice, it was a challenge to get a picture of gabriel on christmas sunday (i just thought he looked sooo darling in his christmassy church clothes!)…
IMG 7340 IMG 7365
IMG 1059 IMG 1070
IMG 1069 IMG 1078 IMG 1074
and at last…success!! moses helped by making his brother laugh 🙂
IMG 1076
on monday morning mo and gabe went to feed the birds with daddy – the three boys’ favourite activity to do together – while i got some last minute christmas preparations done! i spent a lot of time in the kitchen in the days leading up to christmas, and i loved that peaceful, happy alone time! 😉
IMG 9790
we worked on our gingerbread house (each year we make one entirely from scratch, including stained-glass windows! in recent years the decorations have taken on a new made-by-small-children look!)…
IMG 1082 IMG 1086
and rode the carousel at the natural history museum…
IMG 1097 IMG 1099
the completed house! with a nice zoo of animals in the front yard 🙂
IMG 7392
and a little boy sneaking stray sprinkles into his mouth….
IMG 7386
and also very proud of his work!
IMG 7393

then we were ready for christmas eve!

IMG 7302 IMG 7318

One comment

  1. The Christmasy church outfits are next level
    adorable! I miss days when my boys let me dress them (although I certainly dont miss chronic sleep depervation). My husband would jokingly call it “playing dolly” and he was right! With all the daily messes of little kids it sure is fun to get the looking perfect sometimes (if only for a few minutes).


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