porto, portugal

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the portuguese cities of porto and lisbon had been on my travel short list for a while, so when ian suggested we explore them between christmas and new years, i was excited! we spent a couple of days in each city and it was a great adventure. it was sunny and balmy, i absolutely fell in love with the all the tiled buildings in both cities, and we had a good time as a family. i have to say though: every trip with our kids seems to get more challenging! the extremely hilly, cobbly, and narrow streets of porto and lisbon were kind of wild to navigate with our wiggly, giggly boys and i feel like we are now totally out of the chill-baby-just-along-for-the-ride stage 😉 still, upon returning home from every trip it all seems supremely worth it. i feel really grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to explore so much whilst living abroad.

okay, on to some photos from porto, which is such a cool city!

the very first thing we did after we dropped our bags at our airbnb was find some pastel de nata. did you know that eating a portuguese custard tart in portugal is the number one highest rated thing to do (on tripadvisor) in the entire world?!? we went to a recommended bakery called manteigaria (passing through the still-very-christmassy streets of porto – i guess i was too excited for our treats to stop and take photos!) and the tarts did not disappoint. yummmm.
IMG 1188 IMG 1324
the boys were up early the next morning so we headed straight out to explore.
IMG 1192 IMG 1195
we walked across the bottom level of the dom luis i bridge, crossing the river douro, to take in the views of the colourful city from the other side. i had seen photos of this vista and was really excited to see it with my own eyes. can you tell by the crazy ammount of pictures below that i liked it?
IMG 7686IMG 7693IMG 7695
we found a playground right on the water – cha-ching! the boys had a blast running around while i continued to snap photos of the city 🙂
IMG 1200 IMG 1202IMG 7713IMG 7718IMG 7721IMG 7728IMG 7737
then we rode a gondola up to the top of the hill so we could walk back across the bridge on its top level! it was such a fun little ride hanging over the land taking in the views!
IMG 7744IMG 7755IMG 7768IMG 7774IMG 7792
here’s the awesome family photo we got in porto. haha. i think one set of eyes is open and looking at the camera. maybe?
IMG 7799
walking back across the bridge on the top level was probably my favourite twenty minutes of our entire trip. i just felt so alive, taking it all in from high up, under the sun with my three boys.
IMG 7803IMG 7804IMG 7811
we went to porto cathedral and i looooved all the blue painted tile. moses was pretty into taking photos of it with his new camera that santa brought him!
IMG 1211IMG 9894
the cathedral towers provided some cool views overlooking the city.
IMG 7869IMG 7872
IMG 7841 IMG 7850
IMG 7853 IMG 7861
we shared a sweet roll from the street market in front of the cathedral before hitting the streets again on a little hunt for more blue-tiled churches.
IMG 9913 IMG 7878IMG 7876
we definitely found some! 🙂
IMG 7882
IMG 7885 IMG 7891IMG 7898
Image IMG 1244IMG 1237
then we went to the crystal palace gardens to let the kids run around for a while.
IMG 1261
we found some roaming peacocks and moses and gabriel loooooved just picking up sticks and rocks and watching the fountains. simple joys.
IMG 1252 IMG 1258
the gardens are huge and we saw just a little corner of them! (we had a little potty accident to had to head back to the airbnb, haha!) we went back into the tiled streets…
IMG 1266 IMG 1272IMG 1276IMG 1280
and while ian and moses went back to get a change of clothes, gabriel and i popped in to the livraria lello, a famous porto bookstore. i say popped in because *luckily* having a little child with me qualified me to go to the front of the masssssive queue to get in. it’s so interesting how some things just get so popular and so crowded! the bookstore is certainly gorgeous but i found it pretty comical how packed it was!
IMG 1312 IMG 1302
IMG 1298 IMG 1307
we found daddy and mo and got some more pastel de nata and enjoyed more beautiful, colourful tile!
IMG 1325 IMG 1318
IMG 7903 IMG 7907
IMG 1331 IMG 1339
and found one of our best magnets yet for our collection – i love this one!
IMG 1277 IMG 1286
porto is very cool. so glad we got to experience it as a family!
IMG 7909 IMG 7911


  1. My son served a mission in Porto and these pictures brought back so many memories for him!!!! It also let me ask questions about things he never mentioned–like the pastal de natal. “Oh, I never mentioned those? Yay we usually had one most days. They were cool” Funny boy


  2. That bookstore looks wonderful and those bust statues among the book spines are cool !!! Thank you for sharing the pictures.


  3. I love how excited Moses gets about taking pictures with his new camera.

    You should have some printed & put in to a memory book.


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