wild times

IMG 2833 IMG 2834
IMG 2773 IMG 2764

well, the whole world has transformed since i last posted on this blog. reality feels so unreal right now. i feel like my mind has been racing at triple-speed the past couple of weeks, and there’s so much to think about, so much to consider, so much to take in.

i try to mostly think about how grateful i am. for good health and for stable employment supporting our family. for our big-by-city-dweller-standards living room and the nearly-always-empty communal garden across the street. for two little boys that start every single day optimistic and smiling and excited, and who teach me about faith over fear. for the internet (especially facetime, marco polo and whatsapp groups) that allows me to connect to others even when we are self-isolating. for the fact that we live around the corner from a huge grocery store that for now is being basically fully restocked regularly. i am grateful that the biggest effects of this global crisis for our family are cancelled trips and inconsequential events, missing a few hours of (nonessential) childcare per week, and adjusting our very active and social lifestyle to vigilant social distancing. the past couple of weeks have been challenging in numerous ways, but in ways that are so tiny when thinking of the devastation that is happening for others around the world.

i am also thinking a lot about how i hope i don’t miss this incredible opportunity to grow – as i am compelled to slow down, to do things differently, to make sacrifices for those who are more vulnerable, to cherish relationships, to connect with the human family and our interdependence in a whole new and amazing way.

the other day, when all this covid-19 craziness had started really ramping up, i took gabriel to our garden and was stunned by all the blossoms that seemed to have popped up overnight. the varied tiny rain-speckled flowers filled my heart with a sweetness that i feel like has sustained me throughout the rapid changes of the past couple of weeks. dear reader, i hope these photos i snapped also fill you up with a pinch of sweetness at this wild time.

IMG 2774 IMG 2807IMG 2837
IMG 2792 IMG 2794
IMG 2800 IMG 2778
IMG 2812 IMG 2811
IMG 2818 IMG 2826

who knows what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year will bring. but amongst all the uncertainty, i hope i can keep choosing to be grateful and stretched.


  1. WOW! Those flowers (and your photographic eye) are spectacular! What an amazing array of beauty! Hang I there baby! It’s going to be a roller coaster ride for sure! We are praying for you!


  2. I’ve dreamt that you asked me not to call you so often anymore, until Mo goes to school and you have more time. I’ll be happy to oblige (especially not having your number or anything). However I have a favour to ask, too: Please blog as much as you can. My mind and conversations are so much occupied with Corona, I’d really like to read about everything else.


  3. Beautifully said Charity!! I am also trying to think of this an a major opportunity for growth and would love to hear more about how you’re working through that.

    I know you’re working super hard right now taking care of two busy boys and remaining positive, optimistic, healthy and strong for your family. So am I! Glad for your encouraging voice. I


  4. I expect London & all the other towns & cities here in the UK will look & feel quite different for a while from today.

    Thinking of you & your family at this strange time. x


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