some pictures from before the shutdown

IMG 2751

the beginning of march feels like eons ago with everything that has changed in our world over the past couple of weeks. here’s some photos from daily life before everything started shutting down and we started self-isolating as a family.

march fifth was world book day, which is a big deal in british schools. kids get to dress up as a character in a favourite book, and families get more into it than halloween! i love this tradition and that moses got to participate this year. at the beginning of the week of world book day, moses got to make a puppet of a favourite book character. he chose elmer the patchwork elephant and he and i had a lot of fun creating together!
IMG 2536 IMG 2546
a gorgeous flower stall and a gorgeous sunset!
IMG 2552 IMG 2557
magnolias!! springtime in london has to be one of the most glorious and joyous things on the planet.
IMG 2595
we did some prep for mo’s annual easter egg hunt – this year we decided to invite all his school friends – but one week before (and one hundred stuffed plastic eggs later) we had to cancel due to covid-19. we’ve been having lots of mini easter egg hunts around the flat lately!
Easter egg hunt png IMG 2717
on world book day itself, moses used his old elephant halloween costume to dress up as elmer. he was sooo psyched and it was so cute and fun to watch him show all his pals when he got to school, and see their costumes, too.
IMG 2573 IMG 2579
more magnolias … and a screenshot i am really proud of. i had a goal to keep my screen time under an hour for a week and i did it!
IMG 2713 IMG 2601
at what we didn’t know would be our last swimming lesson for a while … gabriel and i have to wear these little booties over our shoes when we drop barefoot moses off pool-side, and i just think gabes looks so dang cute with them on, haha!
IMG 2745 IMG 2843
yes, i loooooove magnolias … and couldn’t believe my luck when i saw this cool pink car parked right in front of a perfectly blossoming tree!
IMG 2731
IMG 2723 IMG 2727
the boys have been really into doing “races” before bed. they just run back and forth across the living room laughing their heads off. it’s a pretty happy way to end the day.
IMG 2846 IMG 2854

from about the 15 march, we started self-isolating as a family. it’s been a wild and challenging experience (and it’s only just beginning), but we have much to be grateful for.


  1. Dad thinks that cool pink car in from of the gorgeous pink tree is about the most fun thing he’s seen for a long time. Love seeing this. So sad that not so many people are going to be able to see all this beauty! Love you!


  2. I love all your posts, but especially love the spring flowers every year. We’re a month or more behind London so it gives me hope that we will see blossoms soon!


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