our angel gabriel turns two!

IMG 8592IMG 8561

on the 21st of april, we celebrated gabriel’s second birthday! we couldn’t gather with friends but we still had a great party, just the four of us, in and around our home. it was a very exciting, happy day. we love our angel gabriel soooooo much. he brings every member of our family an incredible amount of joy and he his sooo loved by his mama, dada and momo. gabes has been our sparkle in this crazy, isolating time. i don’t know what we would do without him!

i can’t believe it’s been two years since gabriel’s birth. the experience of bringing him into the world was the best experience of my life. i am so grateful for that day, and every day since that we have had to learn from and enjoy this marvelous little soul.

for weeks moses had been asking ian and i every morning, “is today gabey’s birthday??” big brother was sooooo excited to give gabriel his presents. so first thing in the morning at the crack of dawn we did present-giving. gabe was excited about receiving the gifts, but not quite as excited as moses was about giving them 🙂
IMG 8467 IMG 8468
mo and i had decorated the wrapping paper together, and moses had picked out his own present to give to his little brother (that one was definitely opened first). grammie and grandfather sent some paints (g looooves to paint!) and mom and dad got the birthday boy his own scooter!!
IMG 8481  IMG 8497
IMG 8500 IMG 8506
IMG 8512 IMG 8517
IMG 8520 IMG 8528
IMG 8530 IMG 8556IMG 8560
we biked to kensington gardens for our daily exercise and let the boys scoot around, climb on logs, tramp through the tall grass, etc. while gabriel napped, daddy and mo made him a birthday cake! i added the finishing touches with frosting, sprinkles, animals and candles, and we had a cake party in our garden.
IMG 8563
IMG 8571 IMG 8578IMG 8601
gabes wasn’t too enthused by our traditional birthday-kissing-on-the-cheek photo this year, haha.
IMG 8617
these self-timer photos turned out to be really overexposed, but i still love them so much. look at those sweet faces – i am so grateful for these three boys!
IMG 8636
moses helped protect the lit candles from the breeze and then gabriel blew them out!
IMG 8648 IMG 8651
and proceeded to stuff his face with cakey goodness 🙂
IMG 8661 IMG 8671
the finale of our day-long celebration (ian took the day off work!) was a swimming party in the birthing pool which we set up right in the spot it was when gabriel was born in it two years ago! we decided swimming is gabriel’s birthday tradition. last year we splashed in the birth pool, but this year we were planning to go to the big pool at the gym. since we couldn’t do that we got the birth pool down from storage again! and both the birthday boy and his brother had a blast!
IMG 8679 IMG 8685
IMG 8695 IMG 8693IMG 8701IMG 8709

gabriel james wright, we love you so so so so so much! thanks for joining our family two years ago!


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