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hi friends!

life keeps spinning on here in london in an increasingly unique time. our city is both very quiet (covid-19) and very loud (blacklivesmatter). as a family we are trying to do our small part in preventing further spread of the virus and in listening to, learning from, and supporting our black brothers and sisters. in so many ways this year has been so full of learning.

i’ve been meaning to post this for weeks and finally have a few minutes to plow through my to-do list. today i have a guest post from my mom and dad offering some great resources. i hope they are helpful for many of you!

Dear Parents,

As we continue through this time of isolation and “being at home” we wanted to make 6 things available to you for free that may help you to make this a family-strengthening and relation-building time for you and your kids:

1. The values series Alexander’s Amazing Adventures is immediately available. It is a series of audio adventures that will keep your kids interested and involved for hours and provide endless opportunities to talk together about 12 key values that all of us want our children to embrace. Until June 30, the first two adventures in the series are free.

2. EyresFreeBooks brings 25 of the Eyres’ books instantly to your phone or computer for free and some of them may give you a chance to study and think about some aspects of your plan for your family.

3. There are several free previews that we invite you to explore on valuesparenting, including a “secret code” for better family communication and a dialogue for talking to your children about sex

4. Or, you might have time to work a little on setting up a family economy or a family legal system, or on reviewing and modifying your family traditions.

5. You can follow the Eyres on Instagram @richardlindaeyre where they give a parenting tip each Tuesday and a meditation on Christ each Sunday (because eternal families are the end and Christ is the means).

6. You can Listen Eyres on the Road podcast every week on your favorite podcast app.  The most recent editions are about finding “virus silver linings” for your family during this crisis. And please also look at where we have posted our favorite parenting and marriage tips.

All the best, 
Richard and Linda Eyre

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