some day trips and change of scenery!

IMG 4684

as soon as the uk government gave the green light to drive outside of the city, we started renting cars for weekend day trips! man oh man did it feel freeing (and also very foreign!) to cruise beyond london and into the lush english countryside. we had incredible weather all throughout may and i’m so glad we were able to take advantage of it a little bit outside of the city.

our first day trip was to my favourite place in england (besides london) – beachy head. the incredible coastline there is just so unique and gorgeous and awesome. we had an amazing day at the seaside and all came home with sunkissed faces.

IMG 4661
IMG 0995 IMG 0998IMG 4669IMG 4694IMG 1006IMG 1028
IMG 4707 IMG 4704
i will never get over those bright white cliffs, topped with that verdant green! the kids had so much fun playing in the tidepools, and we were certainly glad we brought them each an extra pair of clothes 🙂
IMG 4746
i asked moses to take a photo of me with the white cliffs and this is what we got 😉 :
IMG 4729 IMG 8814IMG 1033IMG 4750

another saturday we drove out to new forrest national park. we had a great time tramping through the woods and just enjoying being deep in nature.

IMG 5045 IMG 5048
IMG 1060 IMG 1072IMG 5050
IMG 5057 IMG 5060
IMG 5071 IMG 5061IMG 5065

and on that bank holiday monday we headed again to the seaside – this time to an amazing, big beach called camber sands. the weather was perfect and we all had a great time. the beach is heaven for moses and gabriel, who were fearless getting into the cold cold water. i love the british – in their bikinis and wading into the sea when it’s 65 degrees outside 🙂

IMG 5122
IMG 5126 IMG 5141
the boys also loved playing on the sand dunes.
IMG 5143 IMG 5154
we definitely weren’t the only ones with this idea. we were a bit shocked by the pockets of definite lack of social distancing, but happy that we could find plenty of space to spread out from others down the beach a bit.
IMG 5148
IMG 5157 IMG 5164
moses has gotten really into kite flying, and the beach was a perfect place for it!
IMG 5178 IMG 5171
on the way home we stopped in the darling little village of rye. i was bummed that the famous ultra picturesque street was hugely under construction, but we enjoyed winding through the cobblestoned roads and playing around the castle and churchyard. gabriel was in a snap-happy mood and wanted to pose for a picture in every little pretty corner!
IMG 5185 IMG 5190
IMG 5208 IMG 5212
IMG 5207 IMG 5197
IMG 5210 IMG 5213
a couple shots from the drive home, which do an absolutely terrible job capturing the intense beauty of the verdant english countryside:
IMG 9003IMG 9008

we. love. england. so. much.

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  1. Ohhh Beachy Head looks just like the town in the show “Broadchurch”, which I LOVE! Do you know if it’s filmed there? It’s all beautiful! What an amazing place!


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