extreme haircuts of lockdown

ever since ian realised he wouldn’t be going to work at the office for many months, he told me he wanted to take this once-in-a-lifetime (felt like) opportunity to shave his head. but he wouldn’t do it without my blessing! for many weeks i was at a hard no, but he finally convinced me. haha. he just really wanted to experience having zero hair on his head. and moses and gabriel were on board.

so literally right after we got home from taking family photos, ian got out the clippers and recruited mo to be his barber. i have to say it was a pretty fun experience for the whole family.
IMG 3897 IMG 3904
moses took his job pretty seriously. (excuse the crazy living room in the background; this was when we had to move everything out of the boys’ room for some emergency construction to fix the pipe supplying our flat with gas; it was such a pain…)
IMG 3921 IMG 3934
IMG 3940 IMG 3947
a before and after side-by-side … ian then went and “bic-ed” his head so it was completely smooth. he’s a kooky guy.
IMG 3896 IMG 3949

both moses and gabriel adored ian’s bald head (they would rub it at any opportunity and tell daddy how much they loved it, haha!). somehow the idea got planted in their heads to cut their hair just like dad … and this also took some time to get my approval! but hey – yolo. last week the roles reversed and ian shaved his boys’ heads.

IMG 5728 IMG 5734
IMG 5733
and after!:
IMG 5757
(i also have some fun photos of them during the process, but since they are in underwear/diapers i am not going to post them here … but i’m making a note of it here so i can remember those pictures exist!)
moses looked in the mirror and his jaw dropped in horror. he was a bit sad for a while about his new ‘do. but he has comforted himself with reminders that “hair grows!” gabriel, on the other hand, loves his haircut!
IMG 5758 IMG 5761

wild times at the wright household … isolation is definitely making us a bit crazy!

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  1. I love these. My hubby had shaved his hair for many years, although I think he settles on a number two. Our 12 year son’s hair is sooooo long now. I did a little trim the back, sides and fringe a few weeks ago but it has grown like weeds since them and needs a proper cut. He won’t let us shave it so wish me luck cos it looks like I’ll be going at it with the scissors! Oh and he says we have to measure it to see how long it is first!


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