celebrating another trip around the sun!

IMG 9095

on the twelfth of june, i had a birthday. i never thought i’d celebrate turning thirty four while on virus lockdown and pregnant with twins! but i have to say, this was one of the best birthdays i’ve ever had. the low expectations from our world just baaaarely opening up to little outings and gatherings meant i was delighted by every single little celebratory thing. it was a wonderful day and a great weekend.

for the fifth year in a row, we had a picnic in the rose garden at regent’s park. the weather didn’t look too hot for the afternoon/evening, so we did a brunch picnic! we picked up food from two different places in notting hill on our way (we had rented a car for the weekend), and it turned out to be the breakfast picnic spread of my dreams – sooo yummy. we played around the fragrant gardens and then went to discover the “secret garden” some friends had told me about that’s across the street. (st. john’s lodge garden – if you’re ever in regents park you have to go check it out – it’s magical!)

IMG 9117IMG 9138IMG 9108IMG 9144
self-timer attempt that’s super blurry … but i still love it:
IMG 9131IMG 9141
IMG 9145 IMG 9178
IMG 9191 IMG 9183
the twins were there too! twenty one weeks growing…!
IMG 9162
IMG 9174 IMG 9164IMG 9165IMG 9155IMG 9184IMG 9198
IMG 9209 IMG 9212
IMG 9219 IMG 9210
IMG 9216

i got to have some free time on my birthday, which i spent doing yoga and connecting with family and friends, while gabriel napped and moses and ian made me a cake! we had a little birthday party after dinner and before bed. and oh yeah, in the middle of the day ian shaved the boys’ heads! (see post here)

more blurry photos (not sure what’s going on with my camera…), but man i love these baldies, all three!
IMG 9224 IMG 9229

the next day we went on a day trip to the east of london. we visited the beach at mersea island (where i couldn’t get over the darling colourful beach huts!), then went to a gorgeous royal horticultural society garden called hyde hall, and then stopped by our beloved friends’ the schwartzes house (so mad i didn’t take a photo with them!). it was a great post-birthday day out!

IMG 5798 IMG 5800
IMG 5813 IMG 5820
IMG 5786 IMG 5801
IMG 5833 IMG 5834

and that evening i met three friends back at the rose garden to share cake and friendship! we had just been given the go-ahead to gather in groups of six or less, socially distanced and outside (we held our breaths when we got semi-close for a photo ;)). it felt amazing to be face-to-face with dear friends again!! we ate a delicious eton mess cake and talked and laughed as the day drifted into night, and then i rode a bike home through my beloved city, feeling so happy and celebrated!

IMG 5845 IMG 5856
IMG 5851 IMG 5858

when i talked to my dad on my birthday, he pointed out that i will welcome child 3 and 4 when i am 3-4! it’s going to be a wild year ahead, that’s for sure. i’m grateful and excited.


  1. What beautiful pictures!! I love the way you bring so much joy to life. SO happy about your news about the boy and girl twins!!! That will be perfect. Before I knew the genders of our twins years ago when I was pregnant, I had been thinking that a boy and girl would be the best way to have twins. So much less confusion for everyone!! And much easier for them to have both independence and togetherness as far as developing identities. All the best to you and your beautiful growing family!!


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