lake district drive-thru

on ian’s birthday, he took the day off of working remotely from kinmount house and we spent the day in the lake district! we could have spent weeks exploring the spectacular beauty, but only had about 8 hours this time around. we will be back … the lake district is sooo gorgeous.

on our drive to some lookout points that our friends had suggested, we ended up on the most scenic route. there’s no way i could capture all the grandeur that swept past our rental car windows! we stopped at a little parking lot to get out and explore/enjoy for a little bit. it was super windy and quite cold but soooo exhilarating!

we did a little hike to the orrest head lookout point above the town of windermere, and had a picnic lunch at the top.

then we headed to another spot called surprise view above derwentwater. we happened upon this stream and ashness bridge and moses was excited to scramble on the rocks while gabriel finished his nap in the car. before long, our fearless mo was face down in the water and drenched, haha. luckily we had a spare set of clothes and soon he was as good as new, playing with bubbles in the mossy forrest near the car park.

surprise view did indeed surprise us with beauty. from this viewpoint we called ian’s mom and moses declared to her: “thank you for borning my dad!” we are all sure glad ian wright was born and glad we could celebrate his birthday in such a beautiful place!

we love you, lake district! until next time!

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  1. What a beautiful place! Hope this isn’t too weird to hear from an internet stranger, but you look like you stayed in amazing shape throughout your pregnancy. 🙂 I can’t believe you are carrying twins in these pictures!!


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