first days of school!

at the beginning of september, both our boys started school! gabriel had his first day of joy school and moses had his first day of reception (kindergarten equivalent). they were both super psyched, and so were their parents.

gabriel’s school start came first, and this joy boy was so full of excitement and pride. gabey’s joy school group met in our garden square in an effort to mitigate covid-spreading risks by being outdoors. this was extremely convenient for us, the mom-teachers adapted so well, and the kids loved being outside! i couldn’t help myself and dressed gabriel in the same jumper that moses wore on his first day of joy school. as we bounced down the street together, headed to the garden and his pals, i felt overwhelmed with gratitude for joy school. i love it sooo much and am so glad both moses and gabriel have had such stellar groups of moms and kids to do joy school with. gabes was so thrilled about every little thing on his first day – sitting on a spot, listening to the teacher, singing songs, playing with pals.

moses’s turn for a first day came a couple of days later. we had our special back-to-school dinner the night before, featuring all of moses’s favourite foods and lots of talk about how the most important thing at school is to be kind.

the next morning moses was allll smiles, pumped to go back to the school where he was in the nursery class the year before (with a three month break in the spring due to covid!). moses was in nursery half-time (9-12) and reception is full-day (9-3), so this was kind of a big step! i can’t believe how grown-up our little mo is!

(i snuck in a photo with his lunch box, because it was pretty much his most loved possession on the first day of school).

here’s how mo felt about his first day! and when gabriel found out that joy school included snacks he could hardly contain himself 🙂 a very happy start of the school year all around!

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