a little british babymoon

at the end of september ian and i took a mini babymoon. lizzy stayed with our boys for two days and we headed out to the english countryside. we stayed in an adorable little bed&breakfast cottage in the adorable little village of nunney and visited stourhead gardens, a place i’d been wanting to visit for years. it was really relaxing and wonderful to have some time with just the two of us. we did some birth prep and slept in and had delicious full english breakfast and soaked in some sun and lots of beauty. we love england so much!

we loved the note on opening times at nunney castle, haha!
i adore these little signs around stourhead gardens.
name the movie that includes this shot…!
theee most charming cottage across the street from our bed and breakfast.
on our second full day we drove to a few lookout points around wiltshire and just took in the green views. ironically one of them overlooked longleat, which is where we went just a few weeks earlier with the kids and lizzy! it was also a viewpoint i went to a few times as a missionary 🙂

so glad we were able to sneak away for a mini babymoon before welcoming our twins. i’m so glad i get to have ian wright as my co-parent (and true love and best friend and life partner 🙂 ).


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