halloween 2020

our first holiday as a family of six! with two eighteen day old babies and during a global pandemic, it was surely a halloween to remember. traditional trick or treating was out, but our awesome friends came up with a brilliant alternative that allowed for pretty much all of the fun while still staying safe and within government guidelines. it was a happy halloween, indeed.

a few days before the big day, we had fun carving pumpkins as a family.

and moses and gabriel were soooo excited to put on their costumes for the real deal (not just another “practice round,” of which we had many, inside the flat).

of course we had to dress up august and eve, too! two spooooky babies!

i wanted a picture of all four kids in their costumes and realised i’d have to be in the photo too, holding the babies. this attempt was pretty much an epic fail, haha! my favourite is the shot where gabriel is checking out his diaper through a hole in his costume and august is spitting up. moses’s pumpkin “hat” being all wonky just adds to the awesomeness too. next year…!

we snuggled up the twins into the carrier on my chest and headed across hyde park to our friends’ garden. we got stuck in crazy traffic in our uber so ended up walking the last big. the costumed kids and the golden light rushing through the park that halloween afternoon will stick in my memory forever.

our friends had set up a little halloween trail through the garden with about 10 different candy stations. each family moved along the trail in a spaced out way so that there was very little contact and no gathering. each station was decorated and full of treats and smiles. it was so much fun.

we had a blast, and by the time we got home the babies were verrry ready to eat and then we were all tuckered out!

definitely a halloween to remember!


  1. What a wonderful Halloween adventure! Bravo to the organizers!
    My favorite shot is with Gabriel in side view, his trunk looks so cute as he is looking at the babies, while Moses’s pumpkin hat looks like it’s going to take flight – fantastic!


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