fall in london with a new normal {1}

some pictures from our first few weeks settling into a new normal as a family of six…

i love that the babies spent so much of their first days on earth cuddled up together in this moses basket (that their brothers also used as babies).

ian took moses and gabriel out on some great adventures those first few weeks. some snaps from a trip to the zoo (and the gorgeous foliagey canals along the way!):

exhausted, still amazed there are two babies, and also quite full of joy:

a daddy date to the stunning kyoto garden in holland park:

moses earned “star of the week” from his class at school! it was very exciting. the best part is that the reason given for his getting the award is that he “played nicely with his friends.” ❤

walks with the babies snuggled in the carrier // sunbathing in the bay window to continue to ward off any jaundice:

pretty autumnal scenes from the neighbourhood:

i can’t remember why our rug wasn’t down in this photo on the left, but i love that ian snapped a pic of the babies swaddled up on the couch – a common sight in our flat when they were tiny. the stray magnatile on the couch next to them makes the photo even better and more representative 🙂

working on mastering tandem breastfeeding (i bought a better/bigger pillow after this photo was taken) // babies content cuddled up in the swing:

i took some portraits of august and eve to post to instagram to announce their finally-decided names to the world.
here’s our eve marin wright and august edwards allred wright:
(for more about their names see here and here)

i took the boys to kensington gardens to jump and play in the leaves on my dad’s birthday, 28 october. i’ve jumped in the autumn leaves every 28 october of my entire life. i love this tradition and always sending photos and videos to my dad from wherever i am in the world!

moses loved feeding evie a bottle of breastmilk! and i love that auggie always had wrinkles on his forehead as a newborn – always.

near constant feeding and cuddling…

drowning in newborn size clothes…

i had to screenshot this message that my mom sent out to all my siblings about her time with us after the twins’ birth. such a sacred, special time!!

moses went to the cutest little art camp (he has been a few times and he loves it – this boy is an artist!). he made tons of cool things, and my favourite was his own rendition of van gogh’s starry night:

couldn’t get over my view looking down on walks with the babies:

or just how sweet they always looked cuddled up in the moses basket:

it’s pretty great that the book on the couch next to us in this photo is called busy, busy world. our world is busy, indeed. you can’t imagine how many times i’ve heard “your hands are full” since the babies were born. i always respond, “my heart is full, too.”


  1. Delightful as ever – and thank you for the Kyoto Garden reference – a must-see the next time I’m in London, so beautiful. Have you taken the boys to Greenwich yet? Some beautiful green space there, lots of interesting stuff – and of course, a ship. 🙂


    • And Ian’s SOCKS! So funny – are they two pairs that he wears mismatched, or one pair? Either way, they are so fun.


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