small, simple thanksgiving 2020

even though we live in a country that does not recognise thanksgiving as a holiday, we usually celebrate pretty heartily on the last thursday of november. we gather with friends in london, our dear family friends outside of london, and have our own celebrations at home. this year – because of both covid and newborn twins – we had the smallest, simplest thanksgiving … and it was also very sweet.

we completed our thankful tree, dressed up the babies in cute outfits and took photos of them (one of my favourite pastimes, haha), picked up our feast ready-made at whole foods, and had thanksgiving dinner at our little table just the five of us (the babies were sleeping, and our lizzy was with us!). even in all its smallness and simplicity, there was plenty of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and most of all gratitude.

i feel like this photo ^^ of august and eve in their thanksgiving day outfits is pretty darling, but the reality is that i have about 100 more that look more like these:

ian decided to challenge the boys to a “biggest smile” challenge for this photo. i love how it represents how happy being thankful makes us feel!
(i can’t believe i didn’t get a photo with lizzy in it, too! so glad we had her with us to celebrate.)

annnnnd … hooray for the pumpkin pie!

such a unique year with so many unique things to be thankful for.

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