baby blessings for auggie & evie

on february seventh, august and eve had their blessing day! i cherish this rite of passage that has started our children’s (and our own!) connection to god from infancy. we had big family gatherings for moses’s and gabriel’s baby blessings, but since an ocean and a pandemic separated us from family members in 2021, we had august’s and eve’s baby blessings in our little flat with family members joining via the internet. over sixty grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were able to tune in and listen as ian gave a priesthood blessing to each of our twin babies. it was really very special.

before we got everyone on the zoom call, i of course took a million pictures of our babies in their blessing outfits. moses wore clothes that many baby boys on his eyre side wore for their blessings and august wore the same clothes that his daddy wore for his baby blessing. for august and eve we decided to get them new clothes that they could pass down to their children and grandchildren. it was so fun to dress them up and try to capture their cuteness and sweetness on their special day.

then we needed to take some photos of the babies with their parents, of course! πŸ™‚ the light in our living room and the self-timer set-up was tricky so these aren’t the best pictures, but hopefully some snaps that auggie and evie will cherish when they’re grown.

after being the sole parent to carry, grow, birth and feed our babies, i am always so so glad for ian to have an opportunity to have an individual, special experience with his children in their baby blessings. we prayed for god’s direction together and then ian held each baby in his arms and acted as voice in calling on the power of god to give each of them “a name and a blessing.” he started their blessings exactly fourteen minutes apart, since they were born fourteen minutes apart, just for fun πŸ™‚ luckily we recorded the blessings because i was pretty busy keeping the babies’ big brothers relatively quiet so all on the zoom call could hear πŸ™‚

i have about 4-5 serious regrets in my life. one of those is that i didn’t get a screenshot of everyone that was on the zoom call, a photo of all the faces of the many people who love august and eve and supported them in this first life / spiritual event. here’s what my sister and mom were able to capture…! so awesome to have so many from both sides of the family, across ten time zones, and spanning four generations gathering virtually.

blessed, indeed!!

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