march twenty twenty one, part one

i started putting all my photos from march 2021 in a loooong post and then gave up and split it into two 🙂 with growing babies and bursting blossoms all around us, there was a lot to capture last march! usually march is bona fide spring in london, but in 2021 we had mostly wintery days with a few really warm ones. here’s half of the photos from our adventures that month…

pretty corners spotted each day on our way to nursery school dropoff:

the continued uno obsession – gabriel and moses loved to be on a “brother’s team” and were always so excited to get a draw 4 card!:

afternoons in our garden square:

moses grew into this shirt that ian’s mom had saved from his childhood and then we found ian’s kindergarten school picture and i had to take a photo of this darling father/son duo:

august and eve at five months:

moses went back to his reception class at his primary school in march – hooray! here he is finishing up some of the at-home work his teacher had prepared for him and his classmates while they weren’t able to go to school:

one of the last school runs with mo and gabey going to the same school // my view most days when i got home from school drop-off – the babies snug and sleeping in the buggy and ready for our morning run!:

playing in the garden with new superhero costumes and with a new friend:
(this friend is named marlow and she goes by mo for short! amazingly, she also has a little brother named august!)

building a cardboard house for one family night:

tandem breastfeeding and being excited to see daddy when he’s done with work!:

a selfie during bedroom routine // moses’s first dental work (note his thumbs up, which he flashed to dad every two or so minutes while getting a cavity filled):

we spent one chilly day stopping by to see the zoo animals that are visible from the perimeter of the (covid closed) zoo and then going to the top of primrose hill. i remembered that the very first picture ian and i took together after moving to london was at the top of primrose hill – so i had to do a side-by-side! a lot changed in five and a half years! (thank you moses for making that family photo awesome, haha):

doing a little meditation during “calm time” before bed:

the boys celebrated world book day at nursery school! i love how into this day english school children are – they get to dress up as a character from a favourite picture and it’s definitely a much bigger deal than halloween! gabriel chose to be “the monster of the woods” from a favourite library book, and moses went with a dino costume that coordinated well with a book from our home library. they were so excited to go to school together like this:

in march we did a lot of weekend outings to random places around england (the country was still in a pretty strict lockdown, but it was okay to travel locally). i can’t even remember where we were in all these photos … but we tried to make the most of the dreary weather on days off work to adventure as a family. i had always wanted to see this art installation just outside of the city:

from an afternoon visiting the deer at richmond park with daddy:

where eve spent a lot of time on our family outings:

a trip to a cemetery outside of london that we heard had amazing flowers (the field of crocuses we saw photos of were already gone but it was still super beautiful):

sweet babies ready for zoom church (we tried to still dress up even though we didn’t go to a church building!:

in mid march, the babies started getting used to spending time in car seats…

…because we bought a car!!! it was super exciting and totally revolutionized our life.

moses’s first day back at st. cuthbert’s primary school, around the corner from our flat!! the first day back was also “superhero day” so he got to wear his new mask and cape (and finished off the look with daddy’s gloves, which he insisted a superhero needed 🙂 ) :

it was mothering sunday (england’s mother’s day) in march, and the boys spoiled me with breakfast in bed and sweet cards:

gabriel had made these special gifts for me at nursery school:

everyday moments: sacked out evie and gabriel scooting home from school after a flower stand man on our block gave him a purple flower!:

national covid regulations allowed two families to form “childcare bubbles” in the spring. we “bubbled up” with our dear friends the eyrings, and that meant we could spend time with them (outdoors and indoors!) and help each other with childcare. we were so grateful for this, and we love brooke, henry, claire, little henry, and their baby thomas so much!:

a random weekend outing to a place called syon park:

these boys and these photos totally crack me up!:

sweetest snoozing babies:

always so full of smiles after waking up in the morning:

incredible magnolia trees around our neighbourhood:

auggie and evie matching and tummy-time-ing:

a trip to the most darling playground at paddington recreation grounds:

a trip to kew gardens and “the hive” there:

stopping to snap a picture of my wild, loungewear-only, greasy hair days with two babies // feeling bursting with gratitude and awe after getting my first dose of the covid vaccine:

a day out at hughenden manor (we had become national trust members and we love the national trust!!):

finding moses selfies on my phone:

more magnolia magic:

a sunday afternoon visiting the amazing blossoms at ravenscourt park:

an afternoon at chiswick house (finally a warm-ish day):

daddy met us for a little pizza picnic at the playground there and then we saw this incredible sunset on our way to the car:

so fun to have a daughter to put flowers and bows on 🙂 :

gabriel’s last day at kensington house nursery school … after the easter break he was set to start nursery at moses’s school! we are forever grateful for this place and their excellent care and teaching of both of our boys during such a crazy time!:

blooming wonder in our garden square:

gabriel got to decorate a cookie and get face paint at joy school one day!:

we went to play at the epic playground and see the blossoms at battersea park one afternoon and lucked out with the most amazing golden hour light as we were headed home:

the kids were good sports when i wanted to take dozens of photos…

and a stranger offered to take a photo of me with my babies! it’s not a perfect picture but i will always cherish it!:

we ordered three different options for an easter dress for evie, then tried them all on her 🙂

moses made this epic easter bonnet for school (another beloved english school tradition):

gabriel reading to his babies!!! – so sweet:

next up is part 2!


  1. Where did you get Evie’s adorable easter dresses? I have a baby girl after two precious boys and I LOVE dressing her up! All of your kids are gorgeous.


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