march twenty twenty one, part two

more photos and memories from march…

after tandem breastfeeding the babies many times a day, i often just had to put them cheek to cheek and soak up their incredible sweetness:

our garden square looking springy and lovely:

a day trip to an epic national trust site, cliveden:

very regular wright family activities: the stomp rocket, and breastfeeding babies:

i adore how national trust sites have so many fun things for kids. i especially love their “natural playgrounds.”

doesn’t this sound like a place you’d like to visit?! “find the joy,” “discover bliss,” “sheer delight,” “have fun”?!? we’ll have to go back to this place sometime when it it is bloom. even in mostly stark winter, it was really beautiful.

happy morning babies:

an outing to greenwich park (moses loved rolling down the hill with excellent views!):

and gabriel kindly obliged with some photos in the daffodils:

a gorgeous night in our garden … some evenings after a long day with the kids i would just spend a few peaceful moments there, in fresh brisk air:

getting ready for easter!!

moses went back to school a couple weeks after gabriel finished at kensington house and before gabriel started at st. cuthbert’s, so i had some fun outings with just gabey and the twins. one day we went to osterley park, where we found beautiful blossoms and a wild hedgehog!:


then it was happy reunion with moses when he was done with school!:

picking up an easter-time hot cross bun at gail’s bakery on our way to joy school … gabriel excitedly exclaiming “the cross reminds us of jesus!”:

joy school in holland park … will always be one of my happiest memories of london:

gabriel insisted on wearing his mickey collared shirt and a bow tie on this day and it was warm enough to not have a coat on when we went to play at the playground with buddies after joy school finished:

our beloved “long long slide” and magnolia amazingness near the park:

we were finally allowed to gather in small groups outdoors, and so my friends and i threw a little birthday party for our wonderful friend nina. we had it on drew’s parent’s rooftop terrace and it was one of the best nights ever. we ate and laughed (and cried a little, too) as the stars came out in the london sky and it was just perfect. i think this is the only photo i have of all seven of the incredible women in our original joy school group. i love and appreciate these women, and the sisterhood we share, more than i can ever say:

sleeping and smiling august and eve:

a gloriously warm day out at kew gardens! oh, the blossoms and flowers were absolutely sensational!!! i bought some sweets and bribed the boys to take photos, and that worked really well, haha.

one day i took a run to find all the best magnolia spots in kensington and chelsea:

and found some other pretty blooms as well:

another gabriel + twins national trust outing – to ham house:

i took some photos of the twins one day and narrowed them down to thirteen to post here, which i’m pretty proud of 🙂

another joy school friend group gathering, this time to celebrate sara’s baby girl! we met at the italian gardens at hyde park this time and had another really lovely evening together, staying until we were the last humans around and the park gates were closed for the night:

phew! and that’s a wrap on march 2021!


  1. Thanks for these blogs! I really love reading them and love seeing the beautiful pictures and how you navigate twin mom life.


  2. Oh for the glory of daffodils and magnolias and Adorable kids and Joy School friends! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous post! Good job getting all that out of your files! ❤️


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