easter 2021

we had a really special easter, celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ!

we had made easter bonnets at the end of march and then a few days before easter we dyed easter eggs (tricky in the uk where it’s hard to find egg dying kits and white eggs!).

on good friday, we went to an amazing national trust site called stowe with our dear friends the barneses. the grounds are spectacular. i hardly took any photos because we were having such a great time with michael, jess, cal, evie and francis.

the day before easter, we hosted our annual easter egg hunt! so great to be able to do that again after not being able to celebrate with others in 2020. it was really exciting that all seven families in our original joy school group were able to come – we’re all really close friends but had never had everyone all together at once! it was a suuuuper chilly morning but so much fun. ian borrowed a bunny costume and shocked and delighted the children with a surprise visit from the easter bunny in hyde park.

gabriel was terrified of the easter bunny, as you can see. i thought it was the sweetest thing ever that moses held his brother’s hand in these photos, to help him feel not quite so scared.

quite a challenge to get a photo of the whole group, especially when the stranger we asked to snap it cut off half a family on the end, ha!

the kids had such a blast opening their eggs and playing together, and most of us shared a huge order of mcdonalds chicken nuggets and went to a playground afterwards and stayed for a long time, despite the cold. the easter bunny showed up at the playground too!

on easter sunday, we woke up and belted out “he is risen” like we do each year, and then the boys followed the traditional yarn maze to find their easter baskets. they were delighted with their surprises 🙂

i loved putting august in this outfit … here‘s his brothers in the same outfits years ago!

we rode the tube (see typical climbing behaviour from the boys, haha) to st. james’s park to enjoy a warm day in one of our favourite places in london.

trying to get a nice photo with the twins…haha:

we walked to buckingham palace and then up through green park, with its amazing daffodils.

then ran home from the tube station to catch general conference – the babies were enraptured 🙂

it was a happy easter, indeed. and he is risen, indeed!

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