our angel gabriel turns three!

on 21 april 2021, our angel gabriel turned three years old! we had such a great day celebrating our sweet boy.

the day before his birthday, gabriel got to have a little birthday party at joy school! he was very excited about picking out his own clothes (bison trousers and a bow tie, of course!) and about bringing party hats, party napkins, and a percy pig cake to share with his joy school buddies.

daddy came to the party too, and the babies – but they slept through basically the whole thing 🙂

when the morning of the twenty first came, gabriel was bursting with excitement, but his big brother was even more excited. moses couldn’t contain his thrill at giving presents to the birthday boy!

he had even made his kid brother the sweetest birthday card, which said inside, “it is fun to have you around.”

gabes was thrilled about his new baseball bat and ball!

loved this outtake from the self-timer photos we took of gabriel with his parents and with his cake 🙂

this uno-obsessed boy had a special request for his birthday cake, and i think i pulled it off pretty well!

after cake for breakfast, something we had been super eagerly anticipating happened – the boys got dressed in matching uniforms and went to primary school together! gabriel was literally shaking with excitement as we put on his “unicorn” as mo told him everything he needed to know about being a student at st. cuthbert’s.

this is how the boys got to school, just around the corner from our flat!

since it was gabe’s first day, he only went for an hour … but he loved it! i snapped these photos of his delicious freckles as he was telling me all about his time at school.

and then we went to gabriel’s favourite place in london – holland park! we saw some pretty flowers in the gardens and went to both playgrounds!

and played in our garden square a little too, waiting for moses to get home so we could get on to…

the birth pool party! every 21 april we get out the pool that gabriel was born in and swim and splash. each year both boys have gone crazy for this … it’s so so fun.

gabriel’s birth three years before this day was probably the most powerful experience of my life. and all the days that have followed with our angel gabriel in our family have been such a blessing!

hooray for turning three!!


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