on leaving our london home

after six amazing years living in the greatest city on earth, we left our london home and moved to provo, utah. after many months of prayerful, thorough and often painful deliberation, we felt we couldn’t pass up an opportunity for ian to do something he deeply loves (he took a job teaching finance at brigham young university) and to live close to family after all this time across the pond. we were completely devastated to leave london, and we never would have imagined we’d move to utah. but even if we didn’t really want to make this big move, we did feel it was good for our family in this chapter of life.

it took a long time for us to come to a totally definitive decision, and the timing of our move was up in the air for many months. this long runway was hard in some ways, but it also gave us a lot of time to really treasure our london life … and to get used to the idea of leaving it and living in a totally different place that we wouldn’t have chosen on our own. we were able to get to a lot of things in the city and the country that we city and the country that we wanted to experience before we left, and we really cherished every day we had in a life we loved.

in may, we had some family photos taken around tower bridge to capture our family of six in our beloved city. it was a lot of effort to prepare for and then execute this photo-taking session, but i will treasure these pictures forever.

our landlord had our flat photographed to have updated pictures for finding new renters. while it was all clean and tidy for those photos to be taken, i took some of my own to remember our third london home. we were only in this flat for six months (and we knew we would be there short term so we didn’t do much decorating), but we loved it so, so much.

london will always be home for us, in one way or another. there, we really became a family … and we have four british children all born in the capital! so, so deeply grateful for the six years we had living in the greatest city on earth.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I was impressed that you had pictures of only you and your husband on the fridge (no kids)! Nice statement!
    Also loved a separate board for all those colourful magnets.


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