a special ride on the london eye

all through the various lockdowns of 2020-2021, gabriel dreamed of riding on the london eye. something about that just caught his attention one day, and stuck. he was so excited for the day the wheel would invite riders again, and moses got excited about the idea too. so when, in late may, we found out that the london eye was re-opening, we booked tickets! we realised that we could get a “private pod” for hardly any more money per person, which seemed both more fun and more safe. so we asked our dearest friends the schwartzes if they wanted to join us for a rotation and they said yes! floating over our beloved city with the schwartzes, who our family in england for six years, was a perfect little end-of-london-days experience.

we had been worried about weather leading up to our ride, but it turned out to be the most gorgeous evening!! gabriel’s dreams were fulfilled and we all had such a great time.

we even got amy and rob’s oldest daughter esther on facetime! she was serving as a missionary in wales. sure love all these people a lot!

it was a much anticipated, and then very much enjoyed ride 🙂

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