scotland roadtrip |2| glencoe

from loch lomond, we drove to the isle of skye, by way of glencoe.

glencoe … blew. us. away. we felt like we were in another world – the natural beauty was transcendent. we found a few really spectacular spots and were totally wrapped up in god’s grandeur.

we didn’t bring swimsuits to scotland because the weather forecast told us there was no reason to. but we sure wished we had swimsuits on this sunny morning in this perfectly gorgeous spot!!! ian ended up swimming in his shorts and the boys in their underwear.

can you spot ian jumping off this cliff into that amazing water?!

we had this place basically all to ourselves for a while, and then a few people showed up (and also swam in their underwear, which we loved). they offered to take a family photo for us!

and i love this candid one they captured, too:

hard to capture all this beauty – these photos look really doctored but i hardly edited them!

a good breastfeeding view:

our last stop en route to skye was the glenfinnan viaduct, quite a sight even before it was made famous by the hogwarts express chugging across it 🙂

we timed our visit so that we could see a train go across, and it was pretty cool!

then we let the boys play with bubbles for a while before hitting the road again 🙂

amazing bluebell meadow on the way back to the car park:

and then the most scenic drive to skye!!! … these photos barely even scratch the surface of all the insane beauty we saw from the car.

scotland, you’re so so so so so so so so pretty.

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