scotland roadtrip |4| fairy day on skye with friends

we got to spend a day on the isle of skye with some of our best friends. that was such a treat! we dubbed the day “fairy day” because we went to both the fairy glen and the fairy pools. these are the actual names of these places, and yes, they definitely feel enchanted!

we met up with the barnes family first at the glen and the kids had so much fun just running around and exploring and climbing and collecting treasures and playing together. it was a wonderful time at such a unique spot on earth – all these rock formations and the circle ridges are natural.

in between the fairy glen and the fairy pools, we found an obscure little hike to a waterfall with a swimming hole. the barneses love swimming, and we loved coming along for some of their swimming adventures (still mad at ourselves that we didn’t bring swimsuits on this trip!). oooooh that waterfall water was cold, but so exhilarting!

then we were back on the road…

… past gorgeous scenery of course…

… to get to the fairy pools hike.
such a cool place!! this little river coming down from the gnarly mountains has created loads little waterfalls and swimming holes and it was a ton of fun to play and swim (in our underwear, ha!) there with our pals.

we admittedly didn’t see any fairies … but we definitely had a magical day.

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