my last london rose garden birthday

on the twelfth of june, i turned thirty five. and we celebrated in the same way we did when i turned thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, and thirty four – we picnicked in the most lovely spot in all of the most lovely city in the world. i felt so happy to have one last twelfth of june in the queen mary’s rose garden in regent’s park.

the day started with ian and the boys making me a birthday cake, and a solo trip to dishoom for breakfast. i relished every bite of that bacon and egg naan roll and house granola – mmmmboy. and i thoroughly enjoyed my walk to the restaurant and back, past spectacular flowers (can you believe those peonies?!).

then we were off to regent’s park, the babies in their new summer hats 🙂

it’s really difficult to capture the queen mary’s rose garden in full bloom (and particularly on this direct-sunlight bright day). it is just sensational. to me, it is a little spot of heaven on earth.

we had picked up some food from one of my most beloved london restaurants: ottolenghi (i got food just for myself – everyone else who wouldn’t fully appreciate it got pb&j 🙂 ). our picnic was anything but peaceful but it was still really wonderful, and i loved just spending time among the roses after we ate.

we walked through the park, and past the meadows full of tiny daisies (and duck feathers!), to a playground, and then to the “secret garden,” st. john’s lodge garden.

and then back down the avenue gardens to another playground!

it was a perfect summer’s day in regent’s park. when we got home, we had cake! there was a rousing round of “happy birthday” and i had lots of help blowing out the candles. and then there was even a firework on top of the cake!!

after the kids were settled in bed, ian and i went out to eat at a cute corner pub in chelsea. i had been wanting to have a good pub meal before we moved, and it was fun to sit across a table from each other sipping elderflower cordial and enjoying thick-cut chips. we rode bikes there and walked home, and it was such a kind summer’s night.

one last london rose garden birthday. and on to the second half of my thirties (insert head exploding emoji here!).


  1. Positively spectacular! Those babies are beyond adorable and what a gorgeous setting. Love that you just bought food for yourself as I know for sure no one else would have like it. Good job! That garden is just incredible!


  2. @summer hats: You might be a European mother after all! 😀

    Looks like a lovely day. I especially like those pictures of you and the boys with the cake, you look so happy!


  3. I love how you love everything so deeply and fully! If I remember correctly, you pined for San Francisco (or was it the US and family?) when moving to London. I hope you’re still blogging in one year or five years or twenty years when you leave Provo so I can read all about that too. You are such a great example of the quote, “when you love what you have, you have everything.”


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