figuring out provo a little

some photos from the first few weeks of school…

a busy grocery store run during kindergarten, and a pretty morning walk to gather some peace and strength for the day one morning:

snapshots of my four beautiful babies:

rec center fun … our happy place (the boys went down those slides on the day i took these photos literally about fifty times in a row!):

when dad does the babies’ hair ๐Ÿ™‚ :

more rec center fun, this time the babies in on the swimming:

practicing some math on grandma’s chalkboard:

visiting our new house as it got prepped for painting, and finding treasures in the garden!:

lots of photos like these on my camera roll – considering rugs and flooring and different shades of white paint:

an after-school mommy date to yogurtland:

august and eve slaying us with cuteness:

an afternoon at south fork park:

moses’s drawings of characters in kids stories podcast, which he was (and is) obsessed with listening to:

evie sleeping like moses always did as a baby – bum in the air! // watching the boys’ swim lessons from the elliptical at the rec center:

ian went on a work trip to a conference at zion national park, where he got to do some really fun and scenic hiking and biking in addition to networking and presenting:

babes in grandma’s pink bath:

with cousins – randomly coming across a byu student experimenting with a machine he invented that creates massive amounts of bubble foam, and climbing to the top of the playground!:

a hard-earned new lego set! :

lunch with grandfather and cousins on grandma’s swing one day // moses’s window of homemade halloween decorations:

we went up to bear lake with our dear friends the eyrings one weekend. this self-timer photo after church is pretty much the only photo we got because we were too busy talking and playing and having a wonderful time together. the eyrings lived just up the road from us in london and became like family for us, especially during covid and some really crazy times for all of us in different ways. they live in northern utah now and it was such a treat to be able to spend the weekend with them!

oh, i just found these (some pretty hilarious) photos of the kids on the beach on ian’s camera! it was stormy and a bit chilly the days we were at the lake but we still had a blast playing tennis, playing in the sand, eating yummy meals, playing on the grass, and talk talk talking.

check out this house we drove by on the way to preschool drop-off! pumpkins galore!:

eating asian pears (from the asian pear tree) in noah & kristi’s back yard:

noah and kristi actually decided in early september to move with their six kids to new york city. to say we were devastated is an understatement. we tried to help them with packing up their home as much as we could.

a trip to the moa with gabriel – to a special exhibit that i loved:

a sunset seen from grandma’s backyard:

and in mid september we discovered the museum of natural curiousity at thanksgiving point. this place quickly became one of our favourite places ever – it is a total wonderland for kids with all kinds of different play and learning areas. i’m surprised these silly photos from the “magic store” area are the only ones i have from the several times we went in september. i guess we were just too busy playing and learning!

at the end of september i got to go to south carolina on a trip with my sisters. ian held down the fort with all the kids at home, and actually took them all to yellowstone! that’s coming in the next post ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. What’s the matter with your very cute baby August’s feet? Is he curling his toes? You and Ian have the cutest children! ๐Ÿงก


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